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How to Socialise on the Blogosphere

Blogging as much as it is to do with blogging has other benefits to it with the main being socialising. Making ‘blogger buddies’ is almost crucial to the success of your blog. It can create partnerships, guest bloggers and guest posting opportunities, link building, increase in SEO and even an increase in traffic. So here goes nothing, four ways to make blogger buddies and socialise on the blogosphere.

It will sound obvious to you but emailing other bloggers from their websites is a great way to contact them and former partnerships. I have made at least 10 blogger friends just from contacting other bloggers from their contact page on their blog.

Social Media
This will also sound obvious but social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are great ways to regularly message people and stay in contact and up to date with them. It encourages socialising in the blogosphere so if you haven’t got a Facebook page for your website or a Twitter account, get one now and start using it!

Possibly one of the best options for anyone to do on the go. As well as commenting on other blogs whenever you can, reply to comments on your blog too. This will start off relationships with your readers. Commenting on other blogs should already come naturally to you. If not, just leave a comment after reading a good article telling them your opinions. Small comments can go a long way.

Socialising on the blogosphere can seem like a difficult task for many bloggers. However, just a an email, tweet or comment can go a far way. I’m not saying you will get blogging friends straight away. Making friends always comes naturally. The following ways above will help improve your chances of making blogger buddies.


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