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Getting Your Blog Noticed Through the Use of Social Media

There are many reasons that you may want to create a blog and whether it is to earn money, raise awareness about a cause or to help sell a product or service, the most important thing for success is getting people to your site. It does not matter how good the blog is if nobody knows about it. This is why it is just as important to spend time and effort making sure that there are a lot of hits on your site as it is to create a good blog in the first place.

It is well worth spending a large amount of time trying to build a big following on the social media websites. It may not seem like a top priority, but in fact generating a large social media community could be invaluable to increasing the popularity of the blog. It is time intensive work that is free of charge, which is always a good thing. If you can build a following of thousands of people, posting links to your blog site can reach lots of people without having to pay for advertising.
Social media websites are now recognized as a great way for companies to get involved with interactive marketing and this is not something that should be overlooked. The great thing about the sites from a marketing point of view is that once a large following has been built up, it is possible for the business to connect directly with its customers in a more personal way.
For companies with a particular ethos or belief system social networking sites are especially useful as there are many chances to link in to existing pages and people who share in similar beliefs.  This means that networking to a large group of people becomes very easy and quick. For example, if you were starting a natural soap business to sell organic soap products, it would be easy to build a large following on Facebook by commenting, linking and posting onto existing popular pages that share common values in natural and organic products. Once your page had enough followers, posting links into your blog would help to divert large amounts of visitors to the blog.
Back linking from social media sites in this way is a great opportunity to communicate to customers in a very direct and personal way. There are not many other places that you can reach such a large audience without paying large sums of money for the advertising. If you were selling a product through your blog and wanted to advertise a special offer, you could post the details up on your social networking site with a back link and reach many people instantly. Using analytics sites to follow traffic flow is a great way of checking how effective this is.

This guest post was written by Abigail. She is a freelance writer and designer who is currently learning about Canadian Cash back Credit Cards and Short Term Loans in Canada.



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