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6 Fabulous Tips For Multiplying The Number Of Followers On Twitter

No doubt, Twitter plays a very consequential part in increasing your reach to potential customers. However, many business owners fail to gain maximum benefits from this highly popular platform because the number of their followers does not increase in leaps and bounds.

Read on to discover 6 Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter and spread your brand name boundlessly:

1. Recognize the social flavour of Twitter and act accordingly

You can win more followers on this networking site by acknowledging the fact that it is a social platform. Other Twitter users will be attracted towards you only when you come across as communicative and responsive.

Do not be shy about posting your responses to other users’ tweets, liking what others have posted, and retweeting profusely. It will show that you are interested in going through what other people have to say, and that is a big motivation for them to follow you. The more connected you are with your followers, the more popular you will become.

However, do not follow just about anyone. Keep your target market in mind and focus on those users who are related and interested in your field.

2. Do not go overboard with brand promotion in your posts

Undoubtedly, Twitter is an effective medium for popularizing the existing products and announcing the new arrivals. However, too much talk about your products will annoy your present followers and discourage the potential ones from following you.

You will maintain and in fact, increase your following if you promote your brand sensibly. That does not mean you should not provide links to your company page. Surely, do so but do not forget to appear interesting and creative in your promotional posts.

3. Show your face to the Twitter users and gain followers

Being a social medium, Twitter will bring you great commercial returns if you let the users see your face clearly.

When you keep the photo box empty, it portrays a negative image about you. The informative and entertaining tweets that you post will not get optimum results to you, as you will be known only as a faceless user.

You will be considered either as a newbie to the site, who is still trying to figure out the relevance of tweeting or as a spammer. In both cases, you will lose a large number of followers, as users will not be convinced of your integrity.

Hence, place your picture and gain more followers.

4. Make your posts loaded with value

You will attract more followers if you succeed in making your posts informative and valuable. When the Twitter users are able making the quality of their lives better and more positive because of your posts, they will appreciate what you write. They will look forward to your posts and follow you for the same reason.

Write in simple language and in a thought-provoking manner. Choose topics that are relevant and have potential of starting discussions.

As you keep impressing your followers, your posts will be shared and it will, in turn, bring you more followers.

5. Tweet often and follow a schedule

Make it a habit to post your tweets at regular intervals without fail. Remain active in interacting and communicating with your followers. It will project you as someone, who takes sharing of his views and experiences seriously.

It does not mean that you should not be funny and light-spirited in your posts. However, you should speak with honesty and from your heart. Genuine posts always manage to strike a chord and that will win you more followers for sure.

Do not be lax in posting your tweets because it may annoy your followers, who must be looking forward to reading your posts.

Make sure to tweet around 4-5 times per day.

6. Use your other social media accounts for popularizing your Twitter account

You can use your accounts on other social networking sites like a springboard for promoting your Twitter presence. For instance, if you have a blog, do not forget to introduce your Twitter account in one of the posts and that too, encouragingly.

Moreover, place buttons for Twitter sharing on your home page and on the posts.

Similarly, on other networking sites, utilize the apps and tools that allow you to republish your tweets. Additionally, mention your Twitter account details in your e-mail signature and business card.

By combining the potential of your accounts on multiple platforms and Twitter, you will gain the maximum in terms of followers.

Jason Smith is an online manager for Superior Notary Services. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about notary signing services.


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