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How to Promote Your Niche Website on Facebook

Social networking works more or less like bookmarking when it comes to promoting a niche website on the internet. Social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace among many others provide a perfect platform where you can make your niche website known to the widest target audience you could ever imagine. The best thing about promoting a business on a social media network such as Facebook is because of the fact that it allows for connection with like-minded people, hence the interaction is more of personal in nature than if you were to meet in another platform.

The first rule of thumb when you want to promote a niche website on Facebook is to always provide a link back to your website on your Facebook profile page. Additionally, it would be best if you set up a Facebook page entirely dedicated to the niche website that you want to promote on Facebook. This helps separate your personal account from your business account, which facilitates easy customization of ‘status updates’.

Another thing is that more often than not you could be working on different social networking websites; it is always advisable to create similar pages on the other social networking sites so that you can provide your users with a wider choice when it comes to interacting with your website.

To get started in this online and often very fruitful marketing campaign, you will need to:-

1. Create a Facebook Page
This is a public profile that allows you to share what your business has on offer with thousands of Facebook users across the globe. The best thing with this marketing idea is the fact that you can build up a loyal and dedicated following depending on your niche. Once you have members subscribe to the page, you can then start to update statuses and provide links back to your site.

2. Claim a unique page url name
Once your business Facebook page has a following of above 25, you can always claim a unique FB username, which is simply a custom URL that alters your FB address from the often long coded string to something catchier and attractive. The aim here is to have something interesting and easy-to-remember.

3. Add a side widget on your site
In addition to Facebook referrals, your website is also a great source of faithful followers on your business page on Facebook. Luckily, there are a number of widgets from Facebook that you can add to your site to promote it. At the simplest level, create a ‘Like Box’ on the site such that people can ‘Like the site’ through their Facebook profiles. This way, if their friends see they liked the pages, they too will like the site and the Facebook page will continue to grow.

Ensure there is a landing page associated with your Facebook page, with a URL provided on there, to help enlighten your visitors some more on your business, services and products. Facebook has a great potential of promoting and marketing a niche business website and once you master the ins and outs of it, you will be good to go.

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