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Social Media Tools to Look Forward to in 2013

Social media has long emerged as the main focus of marketing strategies of businesses around the world. Businesses need to regularly monitor their activity on social media platforms in order to check the performance of their social media strategy and make appropriate changes to it. One simple way of monitoring are internal methods like Facebook likes and retweets. The other way is to use proper social media tools which have far better monitoring and analytics capacity. Just like the new apps and websites, 2013 will also see the emergence of some new social media tools. Some of the top social media to forward to in 2013 are:


Pinster is the equivalent of Google Analytics for Pinterest. Pinster allows you to know the right time you can add pins to your account. After this you can schedule the time for posting the pins or post them on your own right away from pinster. The sophisticated pin automation technology makes scheduling and posting of the pins very simple. A unique analytics tool also lets you to measure interactions and website referrals which can give a good idea about the benefits (ROI to be specific) of using Pinterest for your blog.


Splash is like a local or personal version of Twitter. Splash allows you to follow the topics that are of interest to you, instead of following other users and celebrities. Splash shows content from users who are in your close proximity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Simply put, Splash is a great way of meeting new people and connecting locally.


Ping.it is new social media tool for content recommendations. This tool allows you to receive personal recommendations regarding the content from people you want. You can both send and receive commendations without the need for using any social network sites or URLs. The recommendations are delivered directly into your personal Web Inbox. This tool also allows you to send your own recommendations to your friends, email contacts, other Ping.it users, and related private or public groups.


Tagtivate belongs to a new breed of search engines which can collate information from both traditional search engines and social networks and allow to view social content curated from across the world wide web. Tagtivate promises to take the utility of the ubiquitous hashtags to an all new level. This innovative social media tool enables to use hashtags as a means to share and pull together the content from the internet. After collating the content TAGtivate dissects the content and analyses all posts made on the various social networks. The tool then assigns a set of hash-tags to them. It also uses some social metrics to rank the contents depending upon their value. Using this social media tool, you will be able to keep yourself up to date with the content that is important to you.


ParaBlu is the social media tool for the new generation computing which increasingly works from the cloud. ParaBlu is like a personal cloud that allows you to sync your files across multiple devices and platforms. You can select whether the data kept in your personal cloud is publicly visible or kept private. There is one more option which enables you to choose the people you want to see your data stored on the cloud. The data that is stored on the cloud or the linked devices can also be searched from anywhere. You can store as much data as you want on the private cloud without any restrictions.

Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is a highly effective tool that can arrange feeds from all your social networks in one single place through the Tweet Deck dashboard. Using this tool, you can schedule the time of the tweets and set-up feeds depending upon your social search needs. Lists of people whom you follow can be createdwhich will facilitate the managing of different target groups with whom you want to interact and keep an eye on what’s tweeted about.


Sysomos is an excellent social media analysis tool for businesses. This social media tool collects information from blogs, social networks, wikis, major news sources, etc. and gives valuable intelligence and insights to businesses regarding what’s is working and what is not working. The tool also gives you the ability to notice the tone of conversations and identify opinions on the basis of gender, age and location. Sysomos has another component called Heartbeat. Heartbeat gives updated snapshots of social media conversations through different kinds of user-friendly and intuitive graphics.

A new year brings a new set of social media tools into this dynamic field. You can select some of these new tools depending upon your need.

Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud.


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