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Tweetbot for iPad App Review

With the iPad pushing technology to the limits, it is clear that sometimes, the official Twitter app for iPad does not have the features and requests people desire. Therefore, I chose to buy Tweetbot which I hope would improve my experience with Twitter on the iPad. Here is my review of the app.

Tweetbot – £1.99

In this review, I will rate five different features of Tweetbot: User Interface, Features, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Overall.

User Interface – 9/10

Tweetbot describes itself as a ‘Twitter client with personality for iPad’. It’s a big statement of which Tweetbot delivers. Having all the navigation to the left and tweets on the right, it suits the iPad making it easy to scroll through the tweets you care about most. It adopts a grey colour scheme against blue just like the official Twitter app. Therefore, it won’t feel alien to you when using the app for the first time.
Of course, the tweets won’t be blurry

Features 10/10

When it comes to the amount of features Tweetbot has to other, there is no other app that can top it. I found that a big problem with the official Twitter app is that it doesn’t tell you if somebody you follow follows you or the other way round. Tweetbot does this with more to offer:
  • You can see how many times tweets have been retweeted/favourited.
  • Let’s you browse people through categories.
  • See nearby tweets to you.
  • You can see top tweets of the day.
  • You can have multiple accounts one-time sign in.
  • Choose your URL shortener, video and image uploader. 
The list literally goes on. The only thing that this app needs to get is the ability to be able to change your Twitter bio from your iPad. Other than that, it is perfect for the amount of features it has.
You can see how many and who has retweeted the tweet

Ease of Use – 9/10

Tweetbot very much takes advantage of the 9.7″ screen of the iPad and it’s multi touch abilities. Through scrolling to the right of a tweet, you can see the whole conversation of mentions that has been carried out. By swiping to the top, you can load any new tweets that haven’t yet appeared. The app is extremely easy to use because it adopts a lot of Apple’s multi-touch gestures to make your Twitter experience better. I can be sure that it will take no more than 5 minutes to learn how to use the app.
You will be use to Tweetbot in no time at all

Value for Money – 6/10 

You have to question whether £1.99 for a Twitter app is worth it seeing that the official Twitter app is free. Yes, you get more features and it is a better user experience in general. However, it’s not £0.69 but £1.99. I feel that if you use Twitter regularly on a daily basis, £1.99 out of your pocket for this app will seem like a bargain. However, if you don’t use Twitter a lot, it probably isn’t worth spending the money on for this app but instead sticking with the official Twitter app.

Overall – 8.5/10

Taking away the price of this app, Tweetbot is a great app to have on your iPad. It takes the good bits from the official Twitter app and adds more features to their own app. I have one problem with the app though which has only recently happened. The app keeps requesting I need to sign into my Twitter account again forcing me to sign in manually. This happens around 80% of the time I open the app. Hopefully, it’s a glitch that will be fixed. But, other than that, I would say this is definitely a must buy.
The glitch I have encountered with Tweetbot

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