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4 Ways To Make Your Tweet Go Viral

It’s everyone’s dream on Twitter. When people get their tweets to go viral, it ends up with a lot of publication and extra followers. The problem with most Twitter users is that they think you cannot go viral on Twitter unless you have many followers. This is totally not true. I have seen many Twitterers with less than 500 followers which have had their tweet retweeted more than 100 times. If you are trying to get a viral tweet, follow these steps below and they are sure to encourage others to retweet your tweet and make it go global.

One of the best ways to let hundreds if not thousands of people see your tweet is by relating it to a trend. It’s almost like free advertising. Your including something in your tweet that gives it the benefit of it being viewed by the many. As you get more followers, the need to relate to trends won’t be as important because you will have enough followers for your tweet to possibly go viral. However, in the early stages when you don’t have many followers, trends is the first place you should relate your viral tweet to.

Time of Day

There was a study by bitly blog that suggested the best time to tweet to gain the maximum amount of clicks is from 1-3pm for the days Monday-Thursday. It does make sense to tweet at these times. With most Twitter users online and being active at these times, you are increasing the chances of your tweet going viral (with a tweet having the potential to go viral in under ten minutes). Therefore when you do tweet, make sure it is between 1pm-3pm on Monday-Thursday

Be Different

The main reasons people retweet tweets is because they can relate to that tweet or that tweet is unique. If hundreds of people have said exactly the same thing as you in your tweet, the chances that your tweet will go viral is the same as the other hundred with the same tweet. For this reason, make sure you tweet is unique and different. First impressions are everything on Twitter. Therefore, you will want to impress the people of Twitter to encourage them to retweet your tweet. 

Magic Words

Magic words are words that you can use in your tweet to encourage a call to action from Twitter users such as a retweet. Some magic words are ‘Please RT, RT, Tweet this if, You, Your, Because and Thank you’:
  • Please RT, RT & Tweet this if– You are directly asking people to retweet your tweet. Therefore, they know what your aim is for the tweet encouraging them to retweet it.
  • You & Your – By addressing people directly makes them think the tweet is at aimed them. From this, it will seem more personal to the people the tweet applies to.
  • Because – Using this word informs people why they need to act (being a retweet) and in many cases, act now.
  • Thank you – Common courtesy is a great way to get retweets. As well as portraying yourself as someone who is kind and doesn’t take things for granted, it will encourage people to retweet it so they are, like you, portrayed as kind etc…
What you need to remember is that there are over 400 million Twitter users. You need to make sure your tweet is different and unique to near about every other Twitter user online. Once you have done this, you are supplying the Twitter-sphere with something that only you have. Therefore, it is not like people can retweet alternative similar tweets. That tweet is yours and unique to the world. This will mean that if people are going to retweet a tweet like yours, they can only retweet yours.

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