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ask will online’s Stats from Google Analytics – July 2011 – Adsense Earnings!

So here goes nothing. The stats for July 2011. When reading this can you bear in mind I have been away for around therefore these stats are mostly based on what’s already on ask will online, not on new content as there wasn’t any! So after the average month of June, what can July bring to ask will online?

ask will online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) July 1st – August 1st
Visits – 3,389
This is a very similar to last month with visits of  3,163. The number will always seem small to me as it’s not the visits but pageviews that have the biggest number and is the stat most websites measure their success and popularity by. Therefore, i have no opinion on this month’s visits.

Again, my bounce rate outlined in red for the countries that visit me the most is extremely high. I said last month if the bounce rate reached over 80% I will have to do something about it. Therefore, I will look at what posts are gaining me the most traffic optimize them to decrease the bounce rate. Let’s all hope this will decrease it…

As well as that, it’s also funny that Nigeria have the lowest bounce rate too! Plus, they also produce me CTR as well! So a big shout out to all the Nigerians who visit ask will online. Thank you for the nice stats!

Pageviews: 4,846 and therefore average pageviews per visitor is 1.43
This statistic is worrying for me in the sense that last months pageviews was 5,283 which pageviews/visit at 1.67. The pageviews/visit is killing my pageviews so there is something else I need to work on. But, to increase pageviews/visit I will have to decrease the bounce rate. That is why bounce rate is so important to blogs. It effects everything.

Traffic Sources

At least there will be one statistic that can make me smile: traffic sources. The statistics are very similar to last months which a 5% increase on search engine traffic (or organic traffic which is the best traffic you can get), a decrease of 50% on referring traffic causing the direct traffic (from those who have bookmarked me etc..) to have an increase of 20%! It’s nice to actually have some good news!

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic stats are actually pretty good. I would have thought new visits would be on the decrease as more and more people bookmark and repeatedly visit back. Other than that, taking everything into perspective, I’m satisfied with this.

Referring Sites

Now looking at referring traffic, it’s amazing! I take it back, it’s bad referring traffic is on the decrease as the pages/visits, bounce rate, time on site are so much better than the overall average! This may be because many people return via referring sites as out of 100 people,  53 of them would have already visited ask will online in the past.

Search Engines

As you can see, this is where I generate most of my high bounce rate. The only stat that is good is new visits at 87%. Everything else is on the bad side. Because organic traffic is my main source of traffic, I guess I will have to try and make my website appeal more to those that just came from Google etc…

This month had been a good month for Adsense with a CTR of 0.8% – that’s an increase of 33% from last month! As well as this, I got my first payment from Google of £71.89 via check.

I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with ask will online and my monthly articles on stats 🙂



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