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How to Make Your Blogger Blog Look More Like a Professional Website – Blogger Newbies Series

Blogger has always been difficult to customize compared to its competitors which makes websites in blogger look very similar to each other.

However, it is still possible to make your blogger blog/website look professional. I always judge a blogger blog on how much does it look like its been created by blogger. If I feel it hasn’t been made by blogger, but it has, I say its very professional. There are many ways of making your blog look professional and not like its ‘been made by blogger’.

A blog should look professional no matter what the content is about. Having an unprofessional blog will put people off your blog and make it look ‘cheap’: like you haven’t put much time or money into it. It’s not a good image. You will notice that every website or blog that has a good amount of traffic will look professional. It really does make a difference to your traffic and therefore your earnings. Here’s a few things you can do to make your website look more formal and professional:

  • Blend colours together – Don’t have colours on your blog that don’t match. Pick a colour, and only use colours that blend with it. For ask will online, I chose green and used different shades of green, making it look more professional.
  • Try to stick to using less than 3 fonts – Having a broad range of fonts will also make it hard to read and makes the web page look less attractive.
  • Don’t go changing your template – Once you have made a template and designed it, leave it! What is worst is a blog that changes the look every 2 weeks etc..
  • Make an effective and formal header image – By making a good attractive header image will work wonders for your blog. As the header image is one of or the first thing that loads, it has to be good.
  • Trial and Error your blog – Yes, I know I just told you not to constantly keep changing your blog, but keep tweaking it every now and then will help improve your blog. Little changes like changing widgets in your side bar, changing tints of colours, fonts will help you trial and improve your blog.
  • Create a custom Favicon for you blog – If you don’t know what a favicon is, its the little icon you see next to the title of the web page. For example mine is of a pacman blogger logo. You can see how to change your favicon here.

All of the above changes will help make your blog look that bit more professional. A professional looking blog will attract more visitors and repeat views increasing traffic and earnings. Good luck!



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