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4 Websites Which Gain Exposure on Social Media Sites

With social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook becoming ever-increasingly popular, more and more websites have been created to help you gain exposure to them, increase followers, retweets, likes, hits, views and more. However, you will find most of them will not work and will waste your time. That is why I have listed four websites that are 100% guaranteed to increase your exposure.

1. http://www.youlikehits.com
I rate you like hits number 1 for the fact that it has a wide range of social media sites that are compatible to gain exposure on on the website. This makes it used by many keeping the points system down (which is good). This is a must ‘check it out’ website.

2. http://letusfollow.com
Just like you like hits, let us follow has a wide range of social media sites to gain exposure on. However, not many people are using it at the moment so it will take time and huge amounts of credits to gain the same exposure you could get on you like hits (supply and demand my friend..).

3. http://traffup.net
This site gives you the opportunity to increase pageviews to your website, twitter followers or retweets. It has many users so you will get an instant impact to your your website or twitter account and the credits are affordable too.

4. http://twiends.com
Twiends has a huge number of users in which they follow others to gain seeds and then use them to let others follow them back. My only concern is how to gain seeds. You can either follow many people at once to get loads of seeds, but excessive following many cause Twitter to ban you. The other option would be to buy seeds which would cost you! 

So there you are! Four websites which can increase the exposure you receive on social media sites. If you don’t like one of them or even three of them, you still have one you can still use!


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