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Tips How to Manage Your Facebook Page

Facebook has become the most important channel for companies to communicate with their customers. Most companies now have a Facebook page which helps them to personally communicate with their customers on a one to one basis. But, managing your Facebook page can be a excruciatingly tough and time taking. Below are some of the tips to manage your Facebook page well and engage your fans effectively:

Categorize your Wall Posts

A great first step to establish best practices for your Facebook page is through categorizing your wall posts. You can categorize your wall posts basing on many categories like polls, images, questions, user concerns, announcements, etc. Categorizing your posts will help in managing you posts well as well as coming up with rules for responding to the interaction of fans.


Facebook has recently added a notifications feature which allows page administrators to receive email notifications when fans post any comments on their pages. It is a good way of staying abreast of all kinds of fan interactions taking place on your page. You don’t need to log in to Facebook every time you want to know about the questions and comments of your fans. This feature can be activated and inactivated by going to Edit Info (top right of your Facebook page) > Your Settings.

Set Response Times

The fans of your page should feel that you are always aware of what they post on your page and about their concerns. So, it is essential to respond to them as quickly as possible. The answers for the complaints and concerns of your fans should be generally given within a day. If your page displays an intense activity by fans, it is necessary to set priorities for providing answers to them.

Facebook Insights

Just like Google Analytics, Facebook insights are a great feature which allows you to monitor interactions on your Facebook page. Using Facebook analytics, you can set the time period to review the activity on your page. The activities which can be monitored using Facebook insights are: new likes, demographics of your fans, number of comments and likes within a preset time period. Under page insights section of Facebook insights, you can the list of posts, time and day they were posted, percentage of impressions and percentage of feedback you got on the post. Page insights is a good way to see what type of content you should be posting and when which can help in making your posts more effective and engaging.

Spam Settings

Spam settings are an important feature that helps to monitor your Facebook page effectively. Though it is not necessary to censor your Facebook page, there are some things which any businesses don’t want to be posted on their social media pages. Spam settings help in moderating the review items before they are visible on the wall. Go to Edit Info > Manage Permissions to access your spam settings. Enter the keywords that you want to blacklist under the moderation blacklist option. If people try to post any content on your wall which includes the blacklisted words, the content will be immediately marked as spam.

The Facebook page of any company is like a treasure chest which should be filled with great content. The above tips help ensuring that the treasure chest is managed effectively.

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