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How Many Times Have You Been Retweeted? Find Out with Retweet rank

As a Twitter user, I find it rather difficult how ‘successful’ I am at getting my tweets retweeted (others tweeting what I have tweeted). I want to know this information and it helps me identify how much of an influence I have. How successful I am in spreading my thoughts and tweets to the world or in this case, my followers. Anyway, I have found a website that will let you see how many times you have been retweeted. It’s comes by the name of retweet rank.

Retweet rank, as you can tell from the picture, let’s you find the retweeting rank of any user on Twitter. Just to confirm, a retweet is a tweet of yours that has been tweeted by someone else. Retweets are extremely good at increasing your twitter followers and increasing the exposure of your tweets and the likelihood of any links in your tweet being clicked.

Retweet rank may sound all good but there something bad about it: you have to pay for it. Yes I know, it seems for any Twitter stats you have to pay for them but in some way, you don’t. Retweet rank provides you with your ranking of retweets from you and other users free. To get extra features such as top retweets, most influential retweets or in depth graph of your Twitter data, you will have to pay $3 (for the most basic account) – $49 (which gives you literally EVERYTHING).

Ultimately, it is a website I would reccomend you have a look at. It’s fun to have a nosy to see who is most retweeted on Twitter and to see if you are being retweeted too and if so by who! One positive with Retweet rank is that the free account let’s you see up to 100 retweets a day, which will give the Twitter user an idea of which tweets of his/her are being retweeted the most.

Finally I’ve finished the article! Typing retweet, tweet, retweet rank and twitter is a tongue twister for my fingers. I mean finger twister…


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