Best Time to Tweet on Twitter – Is it Different for Every Twitterer?

Twitter is funny in the way that there are certain times of the day which gain more publicity than others. Therefore, it is obvious to only ever tweet at these times so your tweets gain the maximum amount of publicity as possible. Some people read more than they tweet while others tweet more than they read. Either way, a survey was carried out showing people’s behaviour on Twitter.

The survey on people which use Twitter showed that:

  • Around half of all people read every tweet in their timeline.
  • However, only 20% read the last 20 tweets or less when they check Twitter.
  • Twitter users at the weekend are likely to tweet than weekday Twitters who usually browse tweets.
  • Taking in mind all Twitter users and tweets, RT (Retweets) are highest at 4pm.

On week days, the peek times where the majority of Twitterers read tweets is at time people arrive at work, lunchtime and towards the end of the working day. This is at the times 9-10am, 12-1pm and 4-5pm.

It has been found that at weekends that most people read and retweet at the end of the day, when they have finished doing what they have been doing all day: they sit down and peak at their timeline for tweets. Therefore, again the best time to tweet at the week end if around 4-6pm.

As it may be difficult for people to tweet at 9-10am and 12-1pm as they may be working, these are not the best times to tweet due to convenience. Therefore, the best time to tweet is at 4-6pm any day of the week, year or century. However, if you want to be extremely picky, tweet at 5:00pm. This will no doubt increase the publicity of your tweets among your followers. Anyway, back to the title ‘It’s different for Every Twitterer’. The times a twitterer should tweet does not change. It won’t be for example one person will get more publicity at 1am in the morning and another at 3pm in the afternoon. 99.9% of the time, the best time to tweet stays consistently the same. You can only really ever change the best time to tweet if you find a different time gives your tweet more publicity through retweets or traffic to your blog from Twitter.

Now, that is kind of a cue to experiment. I am not going to say I am right, because I’m not. There is no simple answer to ‘when is the best time to tweet?’ I have once again given guidelines to help you aim to more success in Twitter. The rest of the way is for you t experiment and tweak the times. 4-6pm might not be the best time: it could be 3-5pm. However, you will never know until you experiment with what times you tweet…

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