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5 tips on how to write a killer Twitter Tweet that will get clicked

I usually find myself tweeting interesting content I found on the internet ‘stuff’ I want to tell the world. Twitter though has become a great advertiser that you can’t tweet articles from your blog to help increase traffic.
Re-tweeting and Tweeting on Twitter

This is like saying Google adsense and pay per click programs make you money. But, for both examples, you have to get your tweets and adverts clicked on, otherwise its pointless. You don’t want to lose traffic because you tweeted an article to your blog wrong. Here’s a few ways of making a killer tweet that will be clicked on increasing traffic to your blog.

Tweeting content is easy, but getting people to click on it is the hard part. Here’s a few guidlines you can stick to to increase CTR (click through rate) of your Twitter Tweets:

  • Ask questions – asking a question in your tweet will make the reader click to find the answer. Recently, Wayne Rooney scored an over-head kick against Manchester City. Before, your tweet could have been “Wayne Rooney over-head kick against city (then the link)” whereas “Was Wayne Rooney’s over-head kick best goal ever? (then the link)” would encourage more people to click to find the answer out.
  • Keep it short – Don’t go babbling on. Sum it up, preferably in 25 characters: that’s the magic re-tweet number.
  • Don’t over tweet – Only tweet about 5 times a day spaced out well. Any more will annoy followers and could cause them to unfollow you.
  • Use numbers – Numbers aren’t all bad. It can make your tweet look more effective and appealing.
  • Re-tweet other people too – Don’t be biased and tweet just your blog or website. Share your followers with other people’s content, so they know that your tweets are genuinely interesting.

With this guide, your clicks on tweets should increase and become more effective. It just shows a few simple changes to how you write your tweets can have a big difference…


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