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Avoiding Blogger Obesity

Obesity is a scary condition affecting more and more people every day. Due to life being centered around TV and computers today, people are getting less exercise in their daily routine. A lot of youngsters now prefer to just sit on the couch or in front of their computers rather than go outside. Today more than half of the American population is considered overweight or obese. 

Why the bloggers lifestyle increases the risk of obesity
A blogger in today’s world is very prone to this condition. The requirements to work successfully in the blogosphere is countless hours of sitting around typing away and surfing the net. This type of lifestyle can put bloggers at risk of weight gain and lead to obesity quickly. In order to make money online while keeping in shape, you must be able to include regular physical activity in your day.

A proven and effective way to lose weight is by eating properly and combining this with regular exercise. Here are a couple of ways you can avoid gaining weight.

Watch your diet
Keep your junk food intake to a minimum. Instead, try relying on more natural foods and water. Eat properly paced meals and make sure not to engagein many snacks. If you find it too tempting to resort to fast food try ready-made meal delivery companies such as Medifast and Nutrisystem. These companies do not provide the kind fast food you know. They carefully design nutritionally balanced foods, low in fat and sugar, cook them using homemade methods to ensure your food maintains all their rich flavors and then deliver them directly to your doorstep in packages that provide you up to 6 small meals per day for a whole week. This is the ideal way to enjoy nutritional food that has not taken any time from your blogging work. Consult a doctor or nutritionist about the best diet for you. People’s bodies react differently to certain foods.

Get more physical
Exercise is a crucial part for weight loss. You do not even need to make a trip to the gym to achieve this goal. A simple half hour workout at home is sufficient to get you sweating and burning calories. Here are some simple ideas that can help you both with relaxation as well as staying fit:

  • Take regular stretching breaks to improve circulation and add physical activity. This is especially important for bloggers who want to watch out for their back problems.
  • Incorporate physical activity into your daily routines. Take longer walks with your dog. Practice the latest dance moves you see on the Internet. Try physical actions such as sweeping, mopping and wiping furniture more often as these can translate into workouts if extended.
  • Try an indoor sport like boxing or practice yoga and Pilates for more extensive workouts. These types of activity are a sure way to lose weight especially if combined with the proper diet.

Setting goals
Try to set goals for your weight loss regimen, just as you do for your blog, and stick to them. The tradeoff will be a much more fit body and extra energy to spend on earning those online dollars. Do not let anyone pressure you into this life changing decision. The choice of maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be yours alone. Then you will find yourself not having to force yourself into doing it. It will come naturally because you yourself want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your online job.

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