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Media.net PPC Advertising Review 2012

When it comes to monetising my website, the first and most obvious choice to go for is Google Adsense. When you say PPC, you say Adsense. However, after using Adsense for around a year now, I feel I could possibly make more money else where with competitors to Adsense. For this reason, I looked at Media.net. Here is my experience with them.

What is Media.net?

Media.net is a contextual advertising company that uses the Yahoo and Bing network to display relevant adverts on websites. Therefore, it can be seen that it is Google vs Yahoo + Bing. I think this makes clear that it is not a small size advertising company that are rapidly expanding like Ad Dynamo are. Media.net, at only two years old, has already become a huge influence in advertising online.

What Does Media.net Offer?

Before you step into the deep end to try out Media.net, you may want to know what Media.net has up to offer. From my experience, it does seem that Media.net does offer more than most PPC companies:
  • A mentor to help you – When you do sign up for Media.net (which you have to request for and then get accepted), you are allocated a mentor who works for Media.net and helps you with optimising your adverts to increase earnings: something Google has never done.
  • Content related adverts – Media.net scans the content of the page to load up the most relevant adverts. This is the typical contextual advert where the advert is only related to the content.
  • Search related adverts – A new idea to PPC, instead of looking to relate the adverts to the content of your page, the adverts are related to what the web user searched using a search engine to get to your website. Therefore, if your website doesn’t satisfy the needs of the web user from their search result, your Media.net advert might instead.
  • New Ad sizes – As well as Media.net having the most common advert sizes for publishers to use, they also have a 600×250 advert that looks extremely good for above content adverts. The 728×90 advert has always been too big to place above content. 600×250 might be the right size for alot of bloggers.
Media.net’s 600×250 Advert
As you can see, Media.net has basically matched Adsense but also gone above and beyond in what they offer to publishers. Exclusivity, freedom and diversification.

Pros To Media.net

High Earnings
Although the information Media.net give to users is not much, they do give you the RPM of your website which after one week, I have been averaging around $3. Compare that to Google that was $1.50, Media.net has doubled that.
Nice Looking Adverts
Believe it or not!
This is a 336×280 Media.net Advert
When I saw the ad layouts for Media.net adverts, I was really impressed. The adverts don’t look like adverts which is exactly what publishers want. This in turn will help to increase clicks and revenue.
Great Support
With each and every publisher having a dedicated mentor to help them, whenever you get in trouble no matter what the problem is, your mentor will be able to help you. For one thing, it is definitely better than attempting to search the net and hope for the best to stumble onto a good article!
Simple User Interface
I think it is important to mention the UI of Media.net since you may find yourself spending alot of time on it. The UI is similar to Google Adsense in the way that before you have used the program, you know how to use it. It is extremely easy to use which is great for people starting up with Media.net.

Cons to Media.net

Not Enough Statistics 
The only statistics Media.net supplies are:
  • Impressions
  • RPM
  • Estimated earnings
That is it. There are no CPC, CTR or anything else of the sort you can look at. This is a problem because you won’t know how to improve your advert to gain more clicks.
Payments in Dollars
Another problem Media.net faces is with going global. It is great for Americans. However, for people like me from England or any other country with a different currency, we don’t want our earnings in dollars. The result of this means that when it comes to converting my earnings back to British sterling, I will lose a few dollars due to the cost of exchanging money.

Why You Should Use Media.net

After this review and experience, I really think bloggers, that have used Adsense, should give Media.net a go. My main reason for this is the impressions. When my website was gaining roughly 1,000 views a day, my Adsense account would only get around 500-700 ad views because of ad blockers etc. When I switched to Media.net adverts, I was gaining near exactly the same amount of actual impressions being 1,000. This was a real shock because that means Media.net adverts are already at a 30-50% advantage to Adsense. I don’t know why, but, Media.net adverts are displayed more times than Adsense on the same website.
After reading this, what do you think about Media.net? Will you be trying them? I would be interested to hear people’s experiences with them and how it compares to Adsense.


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