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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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Why Has My Blog’s Traffic Dropped?

As well as running Ask Will Online independently, I also run another website with my friend Joe called Review Cosmos. The website can be summed up in it’s bio, ‘Reviews on anything…’. We wanted to make a universal website that anyone could contribute to and sure enough it was working out for us well. We had literally 33 posts on the site and was generating an increasing amount of traffic day by day. It was looking to be an extremely successful website. However, when February 2012 hit, the traffic dropped to an awful 100 views at maximum a day. Why did the traffic drop? Was it out fault? I still want answers to these questions. Even so, here are some of my theories to why Review Cosmos‘s traffic dropped.

Before I go through my theories, let me tell you in a bit more detail about Review Cosmos’s traffic drop. Beforehand, Review Cosmos:

  • Had 33 high quality articles on the site.
  • These 33 posts had generated 12,358 views in January 2012.
  • The traffic was on a rapid increase with a peak of 788 views in one day. 
Here’s a snapshot of the traffic from Review Cosmos:
January 2012 was just a huge rise day by day in traffic. It was incredible how high the traffic was becoming. As well as this, it wasn’t as if the traffic was cheap or non-organic. The majority of the traffic came from Google searches for keywords in the title of our articles. How can I explain this traffic drop!?
Well, I analysed all events around the time that was to do with Review Cosmos. The only real big event that happened was a guest post. I am not going to copy and paste it onto this article in case it causes a traffic drop on Ask Will Online. But, here is a snapshot of the article:
The Potential Evil Traffic Dropping Guest Post is Purposely Blurred
It was original content material that had one un-offensive link in the middle. What made me suspect this article was the fact the women wanted to pay $10 for this article to go on Review Cosmos when we have clearly made a page stating that we publish articles for free on Review Cosmos. Therefore, it could have been this article.
My other theory involves around the traffic naturally decreasing. However, to go from 800 views/day to barely 100 just does not happen without another factor causing it.
Either way, Review Cosmos has still not improved. It’s gaining consistently low traffic compared to what it did gain which is sole-destroying for me and Joe. We put a lot of hard work into that website and it had helped over 18,000 people in barely 2 months: there was so much potential. If you have any idea what may have caused this traffic drop, I would appreciate you commenting!


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