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Two Little Known Ways to Improve Any Site’s SEO Ranking

Writing a blog + using social media = improved SEO ranking

It’s that simple.
Or so some marketing professionals would have us believe.
True, keeping an updated blog is an easy way to drive traffic to your homepage and thus improve its SEO visibility, and the same goes for interacting on social media. After all, anybody can blog, and anybody can use social media (think LOLcats and your friend’s grandma who added you on Facebook). Doing these things isn’t hard, and the potential return on investment you’ll get is well worth it. All too often, though, small entrepreneurs and business owners don’t get past the “potential” when developing an online marketing strategy, and they naively expect immediate results.

The simple acts of writing blog posts and using social media alone won’t automatically improve your site’s SEO ranking. You have to do these things effectively. As such, you can boost your SEO by improving the accuracy and authenticity of your marketing approach, whether you’re developing new content for your site, writing a blog post or interacting via social media. No matter how good you think your online marketing skills are, I guarantee that you can improve the accuracy and authenticity of the content you have developed, are developing and will develop.

1) Accuracy
All too often site owners write or share wishy-washy information that offers their users little value. Posting poorly written, factually incoherent babble won’t get you anywhere, whether you’re blogging or relaying information via Twitter. Doing so could discredit your site amongst SEO raters, industry professionals and potential customers alike.

I write about news developments in the surety bond industry every day, and you wouldn’t believe how many poorly written, inaccurate blog posts I come across. When writing content for your blog, feel free to express an opinion, but make a logical argument and back it up with facts. Take your time to ensure the piece is cohesive and well-written. And always, always proofread.

2) Authenticity
Nobody likes receiving automatically generated tweets or thoughtless spam in their RSS feed. Whether you’re writing a blog post or interacting on social media, represent what you do in a way that’s real so people can relate to you. Be yourself, and develop a unique voice. Don’t simply try to fool others into thinking you’re genuinely invested in the content you produce.
Of course you use blogging and social interactions to draw attention to your site, and users know that. But they also see right through lazy, self-promotional tactics that offer them no return on investment for the time they spend on your site, blog or profiles. The bottom line is that you need to engage your users. It’s not hard; it just requires a little effort on your part.

Unless you already have a professional web writer who develops unique content for your site, blog and social media profiles, consider reworking your content to improve its accuracy, authenticity and overall effectiveness. Like so many other components of the business world, using blogging and social media as ways to improve your SEO ranking is simply about quality. You need to offer information that’s accurate and authentic if you really want to boost your SEO.

This article was written by Danielle Rodabaugh, a professional writer, editor and marketing specialist. Danielle has helped develop the online branding of Surety Bonds.com, an online surety bond company, since its inception in 2009.


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