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Simple or Complex Twitter?

We all know Twitter for being an extremely easy to use social media website with three main features. Follow, unfollow and tweet. Strip out everything else and you will be left with that. These are some of the principles which make Twitter what we see it as today: a micro-blogging service. The question could be asked though regarding the complexity of Twitter: do people like the simplicity of Twitter or would more people be attracted to Twitter if it was a little more complex such as Facebook?

Simple Twitter

  • Ease of use means everyone can use it.
  • Not time consuming unlike Facebook can be.
  • Most things simple are more successful.
  • The reason people use Twitter is for what it is now: simple.
  • Universal on all devices – Android, IOS, Windows, Mac etc…

Complex Twitter

  • It would be too similar to Facebook: Twitter have a niche which they should stick to.
  • Two much complexity for most people on Twitter to understand.
  • The idea of follow, unfollow and tweet will be lost if Twitterers can now do other things.
  • Twitter changing their features will lose business for them.

Ultimately, we all love Twitter for the ease and simple use it has to our lives. The ability to follow anyone we want gives us the freedom other social media sites like Facebook doesn’t. Twitter has itself nicely fit in a niche. However, with the coming of Google+, we may find the tables turn to Google’s favour. However, Twitter might have had a bigger enough head start to always stay in the lead.


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