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The Key to Choosing Your Twitter Username

For anyone that uses Twitter, choosing your Twitter name can turn out to be quite a tricky task. Should I use my real name? Should I make up a name? How long should my name be? How do I choose a good Twitter name that will get a lot of publicity? Well, all these questions will be answered below. There, as always, are guidelines to picking your Twitter name which if done will make people finding, retweeting and following you a lot easier.

I will also make examples within each bullet point to help make you understand in practical terms too:

  • Use your real name – You do find that people that use their own name instead of the brand/image do get more followers and success on Twitter. There is an argument to privacy etc. but people don’t want to follow and interact with a brand/image: it will make them think the profile is a robot which will move people away from your Twitter profile. eg. Microsoft (with over 100,000 followers)  to Bill Gates (with a whopping over 2 million!).
  • Keep it short and snappy – The shorter the better! This is because it will be harder for others to retweet your tweets as your Twitter name might not fit in the retweet. For example, someone such as @twitter will be easier to include in the retweet than @theofficialtwitterpage because you can only use 140 characters in each tweet.
  • Don’t worry about cases – It makes no difference if your name is in upper case or lower case, if someone types in your name in either case, they will see you. However, they will see you in the case you decided to use. For example, back to Bill Gates, if you type in “@billgates or @BILLGATES”, you will still find the same profile page of Bill Gates and because Bill Gates decided to make his name @BillGates, that is what you will see. Sometimes, making your name all lower case makes it look more internety and simpler but at the same time makes it harder to read it. For example which one of these sentences can you read better? “hellomynameiswillgreenandiamwritinganarticle” or “HelloMyNameIsWillGreenAndIAmWritingAnArticle” Experiment with case as your name could look better in either upper or lower case.
  • Make your name easy to type, don’t use numbers or underscore – You may not know but there is a lot of people who sign in onto Twitter using iPhones, iPod Touchs, iPads and other smart phones which have keypads that are difficult to type numbers and underscores on. Therefore, to stop people getting frustrated from finding you on twitter, stick to letters.
  • Choose words easy to spell – Again, like above, you don’t want to frustrate others who are trying to find you on Twitter because they can’t spell your name e.g. @InspiredByPhysicalActivity. Therefore, choose basic words easy to spell.
  • Another reason not to use underscores, your Twitter reputation and prowess – Those with Twitter names that have underscores or numbers in them are the profiles which had to settle for second best as their name had already been taken. This will dent your reputation and prowess on Twitter making you look ‘not as good’.
  • Don’t change your Twitter name – Already there are over 50 million tweets every day and the amount of Twitter users are increasing dramtically too. Every time somebody joins Twitter, another Twitter name is being taken, one by one. It will be more difficult to get a good name again if you change it, so once you have your Twitter name, stick to it!

As you can see, picking a good Twitter name is a lot harder than you may have thought: you have to consider different factors. However, with the information provided above, picking a good Twitter name will be easy improving nearly everything about you and your followers experience (twitperience) on Twitter.


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