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6 Reasons Why People Use Twitter

Twitter has turned out to be revolutionary in the way we share and stay in contact with the people we care. It’s turned out to be a part of our life. However, there will be people be it those that use other social websites such as Facebook or Blogger that will be asking the question ‘Why should I use Twitter if I already use another type of social website?’ ‘What is the point of Twitter?

Well here’s six reasons why people use Twitter and why there is more and more people using this amazing social website nowadays:

  • Keeps you updated with anyone – Unlike Facebook, you can follow someone’s profile and stay up to date with them whether it’s your family or friends to David Beckham. You can stay in touch with anyone.
  • Easy to use interface – It took me around 5 minutes to work out Twitter when I first used it. It’s got one of the most easy to use interfaces that makes you love it in minutes.
  • Find out new things – The whole point of Twitter is to socialise. This enables you to find out new things people have tweeted or retweeted.
  • Make money! – Yes, you can make money from Twitter if you have enough followers. People have made serious money from Twitter and sponsored tweets can pay up to $30 (£25) each!
  • It’s a revolution – When something new comes out that everyone has, you don’t want to be the anti-social guy in the corner. Because everyone now has Twitter, the people who don’t have Twitter will want it and create their own accounts.
  • Good for your website (if you have one) – Having a Twitter page gives your readers the ability to socialise with you and stay up to date with you.

However, the main reason people use Twitter is because it’s different. There’s nothing like it: nothing where you can follow celebrities and your friends at the same time without waiting for them to accept your request. It;s simple and intuitive. You tweet, people retweet your tweet. People like your tweets on you so follow you to stay up to date with your tweets. Because Twitter is so simple it changes the way we socialise online.


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