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4 Tips to Write a Tweet That Will Get Clicked

Like everyone on Twitter, people like sharing others with content they found on the internet. Therefore, these people’s tweets will include links. It can almost be compared to advertising using programs such as Google Adsense. You optimize your adverts to get the most clicks so you make the most amount of money. For Twitter, it is exactly the same theory, you have to optimize your tweets for others to click on links within the tweets.

To make a killer tweet that will be clicked, here is 5 tips you can implement into tweets which include links:

  • Ask questions – Internet users tend to click on questions to find the answer as it will bother them if they never find out the answer. For example, if there was a link to coca cola’s website and the tweet said “Coca Cola’s website (then the link)”, it just informs people that is the website: they will feel complete and the chances are, they won’t click on the link. However, if you changed the tweet to “Is Coca Cola the best fizzy drink ever made? (then the link)”, the twitter user will use the link in order to try and answer the question, so they feel complete in answering the question.
  • Short and snappy is the way forward – People on the web have a short attention span therefore keep your tweet short. The magic retweet number is said to be 25 characters, bare that in mind.
  • Use numbers and stats – Interlocking a few numbers brings professionalism to your tweet making it look more appealing and therefore effective. For example, a tweet “Ferrari’s break horse power (then link) isn’t as appealing as ‘Ferrari’s over 500 break horsepower (then link)”. It makes them more specific too.
  • Place links after all text – There is no point in placing the link at the beginning because nobody will know what the link will send them too. You need for the readers of your tweet to understand what the link is. To do this, always place the link at the end of a tweet. The only thing that comes after a link in a tweet is the tags such as for football, #football, #Manchester united and #sport or mentions such as @username.

This may seem a big change to how you present links in Twitter so let’s have an example. An example from me actually!

Check out my stats for ask will online 🙂 http://t.co/hw9MAjG #bloggerstats

Right, let’s get all the positives I have done from this tweet:

  • Tags are at the far end followed by link.
  • Used a smiley face to portray the tweet as happy and positive.
  • Used a call of action be it check out the stats. I’m asking anyone who reads the tweet to basically click the link.

Now let’s improve it using the bullet points from above:

Does ask will online have over 5,000 visitors a month? http://t.co/hw9MAjG #bloggerstats

So what differences are there that will encourage clicks?

  • The positioning of text, link and tag have stayed the same as they were correct before hand.
  • The text has changed to a question to make the reader want to answer it.
  • I have included numbers be it ‘5,000’ to make it more specific and to tell the reader what range of visitors I am ranging from. Before hand, my stats could have been from 5 people to 5 million. This tells the reader it’s in the thousands.
  • Kept the tag as people that search for ‘bloggerstats’ will see this tweet adding to the views this tweet will get therefore clicks.

You will now see how easy a few changes to your tweets can increase the CTR (click through rate) of your tweets. Now, next time you have a link in your tweet, remember question, numbers, short and positioning.


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