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Blogger Down? Don’t Worry It’s UP Now!

Yes, after a long wait (well about a day), Blogger has finally returned to all the bloggers out there and is back up and running. However, the bad side is that if you created any articles or comments after 7:36am PDT on May 11th, they will unfortunately be removed, deleted and thrown out as cyber junk. Yeah, life’s tough. But from Blogger being down, what can all bloggers learn from what’s happened?

Looking back, my reaction was quite amusing to be quite honest. I thought it was the end of the world or that for some reason, Blogger had only banned me for some unknown reason. I was quite frankly scared until I found out this was global so lesson 1 Don’t Assume Google are Bad! (I did in the past, check out this article) They are a good bunch of people providing many free programs for the public. There will be haters that will say, “I hate them, they hate me. They banned me from Google Adsense for no reason!” Well, the chances are that you done something wrong. However, I’m not going there as I haven’t got the time! I’m just saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover like I did. Google didn’t ban or do anything against anyone, they just had an offline day.

The next thing that came to me when I found out it was global was about my content:

What comments did I lose? What posts did I lose? Ah HELP ME! 

That could have been you. Imagine writing a load of posts to find they all vanished into thin air? Not a nice though I bet. Which is why as well as templates on blogger, Back up Your Posts Too! This is so easy it’s unreal. Just copy and paste into a word document and your done. Therefore next time this may happen which could be at any time, YOU will be prepared.

My last thought wasn’t exactly a thought but more of a reflection. They day Blogger had shut down was a day I never stopped panicking. Sad I know which is why you can see your Addiction to Blogger. How much were you worrying? Because although it’s good to show interest in Blogger, too much can have devastating effects to your blog. Addiction has devastating consequences to you! The bad thing is you don’t really know you have an addiction until something bad happens to you because of it!

What I’m trying to say is from this Blogger mayhem, you will find if you have an addiction to Blogger. Just think, did you check up on Blogger every 10 minutes? If so, yes. You have an addiction to Blogger. You ask the cure to this horrible disease? There is no cure that I know of yet. Just will power. If you are strong enough, you can control your blog life to your real life. Don’t let Blogger overtake you.


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