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Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey – The Matched Betting Choice

For all those are a little savvy out there, you will know of course that matched betting is a great income if you put the hours into it. But, the main problem with matched betting is in finding the offers, odds which won’t lose too much for qualifying losses and more.

This is where both Profit Accumulator (PA) and OddsMonkey come into place. Both websites offer services to make match betting much easier, enabling many people to earn around £500-£1500 a month. However, which matched betting website should you go for? After using both for a good few months at minimum, here is an objective review of both matched betting services, going into the every detail each website offers and at what cost. Here is Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey

I will do a like-for-like comparison of both matched betting websites at the bottom of this article, from using both websites extensively for matched betting. Below is a little bit about the main pros and cons to each website after using both of them.

This article was created on the 15th November 2016 and has been updated on multiple times, with the last update being in September 2020 – all information in this article is true of that date. Anything that has been updated is shown in red. I find this useful in seeing how both matched betting services have changed over time.

As well as this, I have been in contact with each website to gain extra numbers and information from the services they offer for matched betting. From doing this, I hope it makes things clearer to you in terms of what each offer, how many members they have etc. which will all go towards helping you make a decision as to which one to use.

A little about myself: Before I get into this review, I think it is worth noting who I am, what I do so you can be sure that this review is completely genuine and is not biased in anyway.

My name is Will and I am from England that has a Masters degree in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport. I have worked for McLaren Automotive as a Vehicle Validator Coordinator for a year, and moving to a startup Automotive company in Control and Simulation (as of August 2019).

As part of my course, I moved to Leamington Spa to work at Ricardo UK Ltd. I joined an athletics team, for which a kind lady recommended me to matched bet with Profit Accumulator. I gave it a go, loved how I could make, literally, thousands of pounds tax-free and continued, almost addicted to matched betting! It was actually through the funds made from matched betting that I was able to afford the online business I have created, PoemAnalysis.com – a database of poetry analysis. As a student, I had not a single monetary worry, which also attracted my Dad, as well as close friend, to start matched betting, which they still do to this day (August 2019).

However, as you will read, I came to find that PA was not the only matched betting website out there. After around half a year and a complaint to PA, I switched to OddsMonkey.

With this review, I asked for accounts to be opened with both PA and OddsMonkey and tried each service to get the best impression and provide the most accurate and honest review.

I made this article since I get the impression matched betting is something a lot of people are taking up and want to know what is the best matched betting website to go with in the long term. I would recommend reading the whole review below. However, if you want to skip to the ‘conclusion’, there is a table which compares PA and OddsMonkey against eachother using a scoring system to determine which one is the best.

This review is a complete honest, impartial and unbiased review of both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey. To continue the transparency throughout this article, the links to both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey are affiliate links. As of July 2017, Profit Accumulator offered a greater commission rate than OddsMonkey to entice myself into promoting PA as the ‘preferred/recommended service’. However, I did not take up the offer, retaining the same commission for both, to make the review fair so there is no financial incentive my end to recommend one above the other, as I outlined in the below response to the PA director, Sam Stoffel. However, PA have since suspended my account as they are not happy with this article’s content, so I am currently working on getting it reinstated.

Communications with PA about affilitation

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey Summary

This is a rather long review, so here is a quick recap of the review, bringing out the important points if you haven’t got the time to read it all:

  • Profit Accumulator are a good service, reducing their price and have a fast oddsmatching software – it is cheaper in the long run with the loyalty scheme.
  • OddsMonkey provides far more features and software packages than PA, along with the original oddsmatching software inbuilt with Betfair and Smarkets integration for one click laying of bets – this makes the profit tracker extremely useful (in theory, you don’t ever have to enter Betfair/Smarket’s website to lay bets. Priced extremely competitively for the features they have, it is the one that this article would recommend based on the tablulised results at the end of this article:
    • A comparison table at the end of this article comparing the features of each website concludes that OddsMonkey wins 10-3 overall.

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator (or ‘PA’ as members refer to it as) was my first experience of matched betting since someone referred me to using them. PA offers many features all at the following prices:
  • FREE – You can become introduced to matched betting with two offers that can earn you up to £45. The idea with this is to give users the possibility to make up to £45 profit, which could be reinvested in purchasing a Profit Accumulator subscription which would cover around 2 months of membership risk free (or one month with the Match Catcher subscription too).
  • £22.99 17.99 £19.99/month – This will give you all the access PA has on offer (tutorials, reload offers, forum, Oddsmatching software and matched betting calculator) except Match Catcher.PA now offer this price with both the Match Catcher and the Acca Catcher, which makes PA much better value than it was before. It is a rolling monthly contract.
  • £ 150 £180/year (works out as £15/month) – For a cheaper price per year, you can have all the access PA has on offer except Match Catcher. PA now offer this price with the Match Catcher, Acca Catcher and Dutch Catcher .
Since the competition that OddsMonkey have shown in terms of price and features, PA have reduced their subscription fee. The subscription now includes:
    • Match Catcher: a rapidly updating horse racing matcher.
    • Acca Matcher which is PA’s way to make money with Accumulator refund offers (such as refund if one of your 5+ accumulator loses).
    • Dutch Catcher, which allows you to bet between different bookmakers to lay off all of the potential outcomes without using an exchange.

For this reason, if you want all of the features of PA, you can either pay monthly at £19.99/month or £180/year (works out as £15/month on average).

Profit Accumulator Pros

Profit Accumulator has many benefits which a lot of people will like and use them for:
  • The structure and look of the website – I really like the way offers are displayed, with images of the betting companies next to the offer. This makes it really easy to see the offers and is very effective when it comes to scanning through what offers you want to/can do. The details of what to do are very ‘tailored’ to each bet, where PA will re-word the offer to help those struggling to understand matched betting what to do to get the free bet. Update 12/07/17: PA now offers a ‘Gubbed filter’ in their reload offers which prevents users from seeing offers from bookmakers they are gubbed from – an extremely useful tool to help save time sifting through offers for which you know you cannot participate in.
  • The offer’s instructions – The instructions for each offer is in great detail, which makes it very easy to do the offer with confidence. I like the fact with the offers that the keywords to the offer are made bold, to give extra emphasis such as on the wagering requirement, what qualifying odds to bet with or when to do the ofer. Some of the offers have videos to compliment them, which makes life that bit easier too.
  • The forum – PA has a lot of members for a matched betting website. This makes the forum very good at talking to others in the same boat as you and getting details about offers etc.
  • From talking to the owner of PA, Sam Stoffel, he claims that PA now has over 230,000 registered accounts and 20,000 currently active members, with around 12,000 users logging into the forum in in June 2017.

A little on the side: These numbers are definately high. However, it is interesting that PA has 230,000 registered accounts. But, of these accounts, only a shade under 9% of them are active and a shade over 5% are active in the forum. Sam states, for this, that:

A subscription based service will always have far more dormant accounts than it has active accounts; a number of users will sign up for the free trial and never convert to paid because it’s not for them, PA has been offering a full matched betting for nearly 3 years now and so many users will have outlived their matched betting days due to a change in circumstances (whether time, financial, or other), or others simply may have moved on altogether

  • Weekly emails – Another great feature, PA will send out weekly emails to tell you of all the reload offers there are to do for the week, so you don’t even have to find them yourself. They will usually do this at the start of the weekend or mid-week if there are some great mid-week offers on that cannot be missed. This is great for new matched betters that are unsure what are the best offers to go for and don’t regularlystay updated with offers in the reload section. However, for the experienced matched better, the chances are that you will check for offers everyday. For this reason, I found the emails a little redundant when I started to get into the habit of checking for offers daily or 2-3 times a week (such as midweek and at the weekend).
  • New features – It appears, for PA to compete with OddsMonkey, they will be releasing new software for free with the £19.99/month rolling. New features include the likes of a dutch search (Dutching) and profit tracker, which have both been released. They also have Betfair integration for automatic laying within their oddsmatcher software, although they do not have Smarkets integration yet, unlike what OddsMonkey have.

Profit Accumulator Cons

Poor Oddsmatching Software

The Oddsmatching software is a way to find good matches to bet for and against a sporting event whilst reducing the qualifying lost as much as possible.

Profit Accumulator developed their own odds matching software which, at first, seemed to compete against OddsMonkey’s. I will do a comparison of the two odds matching software (PA and OddsMonkey) at the bottom of this article in a table. Update 19/07/2017: The Oddsmatching software now has Betfair integration, which is a welcome addition to save time laying in Betfair’s website, whilst also preventing incorrect laying.
Update 15/11/16 – Like with any new software, there will be bugs, which have since been eliminated. They have also added four extra bookmarkers to the software bringing their total count of bookies in the software to 46.
Update 12/07/2017 – The Oddsmatching software has been improving since the last update. As well as this, it seems to refresh quite quickly, which can sometimes help with odds that change quickly. However, it is still extremely frustrating that PA’s Odds matching software does not include the following extras:
  1. Linking bets to bookmakers and exchanges – Upon finding a good match, PA’s software only links to the homepages of bookmakers and exchanges (Update 12/07/2017: The software links to the right market to place the bet. However, they still do not automatically place the bet in the betslip like OddsMonkey does). With OddsMonkey, as you will find out below, they link straight to the event and even include the bet into your bookmaker’s betslip, which will save you time.
  2. Odds shown in software do not always correlate to odds on bookmaker – I have found that the odds shown on PA’s odds matching software sometimes varies to what is on the bookmaker’s. This is possibility down to the time delay between getting to the right page on the bookmaker/exchange to bet and lay.

Update 19/07/2017: However, as part of being impartial, I performed a test to see if the odds displayed on Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatching software concurrs with the actual odds on both the bookmakers and exchange (the same test, with the same bookmakers, was done with OddsMonkey’s oddsmatching software further down this review). With this, it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt since odds can change. However, the bets I chose to test the Oddsmatching software with were chosen hours, if not days, in advanced of the actual event (e.g. choosing a horse race just before it starts would not be a good example since odds change, potentially, drastically before a race). It took ten minutes, where I would look at a range of different matches from different bookmakers, to see if the Oddsmatching software got it right or not. Below are the matched and the results (you may need to scroll left/right to see all of the table):

Profit Accumulator Oddsmatching Test Results

BookmakerMarketPA Displayed Back OddsActual Back OddsPA Displayed Lay OddsActual Lay Odds✓ or X for Back / Lay
UnibetHorse Racing10.00Couldn't view for some reason - continually loaded out on event8.008.00N/A / ✓
Mr GreenHorse Racing10.006.008.608.20X / X`
SunBetsHorse Racing1.331.331.381.38✓ / ✓
SkyBetHorse Racing2.752.752.802.80✓ / ✓
Paddy PowerHorse Racing6.✓ / ✓
William HillHorse Racing2.752.752.702.70✓/ ✓
bet365Football5.75Linked to homepage - did not have time to find bet manually5.805.80N/A / ✓
GentingFootball1.501.501.551.55✓ / ✓
BetfredHorse Racing5.00Linked to homepage - did not have time to find bet manually4.804.80N/A / ✓
888SportRugby1.351.351.381.38✓ / ✓
Stan JamesHorse Racing5.504.504.904.90X / ✓
A test to see how Profit Accumulator's Odsdmatching software correlates the odds displayed to the ones displayed by the bookmaker for different bets.

This makes it clear that yes, Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatcher got the odds right for the the majority of matched bets (84% of the time excluding the ‘N/A’). However, there were a couple for which it got wrong with the bookmaker and once with the exchange. With the bet365 example, it corrected the exchange odds without needing to refresh, which I think is a great feature in the software to have: the ability for the odds to update without having to hit refresh. However, with the others, it did not correct it, even after refreshing it several times. For the matched better, this will mean having to adjust the odds manually in the software which will take a little extra time to fulfill.

  1. Stake Not Returned (SNR) column – There is a rating column, which signifies how much you will gain or lose from matched betting the sporting event. However, there is no column to find the best sporting event to bet on to gain the most back from a free bet. OddsMonkey does have this column in their software which, I have found, has helped me make an extra £1-£2 per £10 free bet. This is because with OddsMonkey, you can use the column to find the highest SNR rating whereas, with PA, you would have to find a high SNR rating manually, which is time consuming and will not always make you the most money for your free bet
To provide such an example, let’s pretend that I had a £10 free bet with Coral. From using PA, I would typically filter the results to odds of 5.0+ to increase the profit of the free bet and then pick the top rating bet that is displayed:
£7.70 profit from a £10 free bet with Profit Accumulator
So the top rated bet with odds of more than 5.0 is a horse race in Bath. This would produce a profit of £7.70 from a £10 free bet – very respectable amount to get back from a free bet. Let’s do the same with OddsMonkey, where I would filter to Coral and then rearrange the ‘SNR’ column to show the best SNR rating:
SNR shows I could make £9.63 from a £10 free bet with OddsMonkey
Straight away, you can see that the top SNR value is 99.63%. This means, for a £10 free bet, we would make a profit of £9.63 from it – that’s an extra £2.20 profit as opposed to PA.
I know the odds are extremely high and some people may not like the high liability of ~£650 the exchange bet will have associated to it. For this reason, from scrolling down, the best SNR bet that is comparable to PA still produces a profit of £8.17:
Going to a bet with similar odds to PA’s example, I would make £8.17 from a £10 free bet – still more than PA’s example
This is an extra £0.47 profit as opposed to PA. This is not as much. However, all of them ‘£0.46’ will add up over a month…
From this, the point I want to make is that yes, you could find the same match with PA. However, it is more difficult than finding it through OddsMonkey, simply because the profit you produce from a free bet is dependant on:
  • Having high odds
  • Having a good match
However, the relationship between the two is what is most important. Is a bet with odds 5.0 and lay odds 5.5 better than a bet with odds 10.0 and lay odds 12.0? You would think the bet with 5.0 odds because the match rating is better. However, although the rating of the 10.0 bet is worse, the SNR rating is better. With PA’s odds matching software, there is no way whatsoever of determining what the best rating is in a quick and efficient manner – you have to guess/estimate what you think is the best SNR rating of the bets you can view and filter. With OddsMonkey, you will 100% find the best bet to bet on to retain the most amount of the free bet you have recieved from a bookmaker

Refusal for a Valid Refund

I first paid monthly but then moved to £150 a year. However, it is important to note that the terms and conditions state that they do not give refunds: for anything. Profit Accumulator had been using OddsMonkey’s Oddsmatcher software until around February/March 2016 time until PA cancelled their use of it with a 30 days notice (in such a case, I’m surprised they did not develop their new software first instead of having no Oddsmatching software at all for some time). At this time, PA developed their own Oddsmatching software which disrupted many users since the new software was down for around a week and had many glitches and bugs in it which made it extremely difficult to use. I contacted PA about this saying I wanted a refund and they refused – it took around a week of emails back and forth for them to refund me the time (10 days worth of subscription) the Oddsmatching software was down. Below are a few excerpts of the conversation.
Profit Accumulator first refused a refund based on their refund policy
My reply to the above email
I had heard no reply to my above email so sent another email days later
Profit Accumulator finally give me a partial refund for the software being down

The reason this conversation even existed was because Profit Accumulator use to use OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher software to display good matches for bets. However, OddsMonkey changed their pricing structure and PA decided to develop their own software (where OddsMonkey changed to a per user charging mechanism). OddsMonkey continued to develop their own matched betting website to compete against PA which I will go into detail below.
Update 12/07/17: This situation of not getting a refund should never happen again since PA have now produced their own odds matching software which works perfectly well without bugs and glitches. However, I’m leaving this in the review since it shows a bit about the type of customer service the website has – refusing refunds if they cannot deliver the service people signed up for. Yes, you can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up. But, if PA had services that temporarily went down, such as servers, software updates had bugs in them which made it impossible to use them, I wouldn’t expect any form of compensation, unless, you pursued your argumenet like I did. But, it’s the, potentially, thousands of others that did not pursue like I did that also deserve a ‘gesture to apologise’ for the lack of service PA offered which would have been most affected.


With all of the features of PA, the total price for PA per month rolling is £38.98 £19.99 – this can seem very expensive a little bit expensive especially where OddsMonkey is 17% cheaper (monthly rolling) than PA and has more features.
Update 12/07/2017: If you choose to invest in matched betting for at least a year, as both PA and OddsMonkey have yearly subscriptions, they are infact the same price, at £180. This is good if you are 100% sure about which matched betting service you want to use. However, if you are unsure about PA or OddsMonkey or doing matched betting in the long term, than OddsMonkey will be 17% cheaper than PA in terms of the rolling contract.
Update 19/07/2017: Sam, director of Profit Accumulator, kindly pointed out to me that there are members using PA at £115/year (£8.58/month) and £97/year (£8.08/month) :

Sam Stoffel: You don’t mention that PA has a loyalty scheme that makes it cheaper than OddsMonkey over long periods. Many of our members pay only £115 or £97 a year, significantly cheaper than OddsMonkey. You don’t mention this anywhere in the review?

It’s a good point that Sam brought this up, since PA have a scheme that whatever you sign up and pay with them, be it monthly rolling or yearly rolling, they will promise that the price you pay will always be the same for as long as you are a continued member of PA (OddsMonkey does the same).
I didn’t feel the need to include this information in the review originally since it gave the impression that if PA chose to increase the price of their service, you would still pay what you originally paid yearly/monthly. However, the fact that PA have dropped this prices, to me, doesn’t suggest that they are going to raise them anytime soon, if at all, especially when the monthly rolling is still £2.99 more expensive than OddsMonkey. But, if Sam is planning on raising the prices in the next one to two years, you will still only pay the price you accepted when you joined, which will save you some extra cash.
This only applies to existing members of PA – for new members, the prices are either £180/year or £19.99/month rolling.

‘Profit Exaggerator’

Many people on the forum refer to PA as ‘Profit Exaggerator’ after some of the reloads seem to be exaggerated as amazing offers when they are not that profitable at all. For example, there was an offer where PA have teamed up with MatchBook to give PA members a refund on commission. PA advertised this as a five star offer that everyone should do. However, the forum did not see this that profitable and looked at it as if PA were exaggerating the offer, hence ‘Profit Exaggerator’ – as it turned out, one forum member worked out you would have to use MatchBook every day betting £238 a day for 10 days to get a refund of £50.

Update 12/07/17: I was actually contacted by Sam Stoffel of Profit Accumulator to update the review, reflecting the new features of PA:

If I was to decipher this email from the viewpoint of a ‘matched better’:

  • It’s great the price is lower than what is was (over £38/month for everything)! However, it is still more expensive than OddsMonkey on a monthly rolling basis but does match them on the yearly cost.
  • The dutching software is very similar to OddsMonkey – a nice feature to have.
  • PA also has an Each Way Catcher for making money from each way matches – a great feature to have.
  • I’ll take my hat off to PA that their oddsmatching software is very quick. However, as I have explained above, it lacks some features that OddsMonkey has, which I have found useful, including the SNR column and adding bets to betslips automatically in the bookmaker.
    • It is also very interesting that Sam mentioned adding the ability to bet on Betfair directly from PA’s website. This is something that would certainly give PA a USP as oppose to OddsMonkey. However, at the moment, there is nothing which states this is happening on the website or is going to happen any time soon.
  • The Profit Tracker is a useful tool for those that have not already developed a system for keeping track of their profits. What is particularly nice about it is the fact that you can store calaculations of it from the calculator. It would be useful to have a store feature for the Oddsmatching software and the Match Catcher and Acca Catcher (these will probably be features coming to the Profit Tracker in the future). However, as a matched better, I find the best way to keep track of things is with a trusty good old Excel spreadsheet, like I am sure the vast majority of matched betters do as well – to some extent, the Profit Tracker from PA is an online spreadsheet embedded into the website. Saying this, it is possible to track matches from the oddsmatcher and calculator, which is a really useful to have, making life a little simpler if you can take the plunge to give up whatever spreadsheet you are using currently for matched betting. The problem is making the step between the spreadsheet to online, for which, I am unsure just how smooth it will actually be!
  • There are more advanced calculators, including:
    • A standard matched betting calculator
    • Spreadbetting calculator, only useful if you do spreadbetting.
    • Spreadex supremacy bet. I’ll be honest, I’mnot sure what this one does but sounds very specific again!
    • Sporting index calculator – For sporting index reload and sign up offers.
    • Fixabet – This is not really a ‘new’ calculator since it is a way to fix bets that have gone wrong in terms of how much you laid. However, this could be calculated easily enough with the standard matched betting calculator.
    • Refund IF calculator – Getting a refund if a certain event is triggered.
    • Each way calculator
    • Bonus lock in calculator
    • Double Delight/Hatrick Heaven calculator
    • Dutching calculator
It would have been nice to have video tutorials to show examples of how each works. However, it is a bunch of calculators that I am sure could help you some way or another with certain offers etc.
  • The back commission and part lays was PA catching up with OddsMonkey with their calculator.
  • This is an interesting one – the videos are good. But, are they better than OddsMonkey? Objectively talking, I couldn’t answer that for myself as it is down to you how you like videos to be laid out, along with the instructions. Each will tell you the exact same thing in different ways to you.
  • The Each Way Matcher is something OddsMonkey have had for months – for PA to release a competition Each Way matcher is good for PA. However, I am slightly concerned that it was meant to be released in June and we are nearing the end of July now (date of writing this 18/07/2017). I think, just like the direct Betfair lay integration into the Oddsmatching software, PA have probably hit some hurdles with this, although it is now fully released and up and running as of 13/09/2017.
  • Phone support is great, with it being unlimited too. For matched betters to be able to call an actual person and gain support via a phone call definitely makes the customer service of PA much better than it was before (Forum and email support).


OddsMonkey originally created an Oddsmatcher software for which they rented out to Profit Accumulator. When PA canceled their use for the software, Oddsmonkey looked to create their own website to compete against PA.  Here are their following subscription packages:
  • FREE – You can become introduced to matched betting with two offers that can earn you up to £45. The idea with this is to give users the possibility to earn up to £45, which will make the first three months of using OddsMonkey risk free when purchasing a membership (as they can pay the membership fee with the profits made) – this is similar to what PA offer.
  • £19.99/month (14/09/19). With this, you would have full access to all of OddsMonkey’s services, which includes tutorials, Oddsmatcher tool, Dutch Search, The Racing Matcher, The Each Way Matcher, The Tennis Matcher, Daily Offer Calander (reloads), Forum, EV calculator, Each Way Calculator, Acca finder, Acca builder (no lay, lay at start, lay sequential and lay sequential lock in), Each Way Reverse Calculator, Extra Place Matcher, lots of useful spreadsheets and a Matched Betting Calculator (and breathe…). This price has increased from £17.99/month, inline with the price offered by PA 30 day rolling (14/09/20).
  • £ 150 £180/year (works out as £15/month). With this, you would have all the above access but on a cheaper yearly subscription (works out at £12.50/month).

OddsMonkey Pros

The main reason I went to OddsMonkey was because of the poor service I had received from PA with the Oddsmatching software down for so long as well as the numerous amounts of extra features OddsMonkey offers at a cheaper price monthly rolling. Update 12/07/2017The one thing that everyone who matched bet hates is being gubbed (banned from a bookmaker in terms of from getting bonuses or betting). If you constantly bet a certain way to get bonuses and free bets, as well as betting on very obscure bets (such as betting that there is going to be over 1.5 goals in the second half of a Japanese Women’s Division Two preseason friendly – yes, I can’t believe it but I did actually do this bet and got gubbed unsurprisingly…), you are likely to get gubbed. The more you matched bet, the more likely, on the whole, you will get gubbed. What is very attractive about OddsMonkey is that they have many different features and pieces of software that work to make you money even if you have been partially gubbed (such as allowed to bet but not entitled to bonuses). The more you matched bet, the more you will mostly likely try to ‘eek’ out more money through different streams of matched betting. Yes, you could do the easy offers. However, what about making a bit extra from betting each way on horses? What about making money from tennis refunds? The football season (September – May) is the time when there are the most offers due to the offers relating to football. From June to August, there is not that many offers which is where OddsMonkey can be very beneficial. They have other ways of making money through matched betting, for which PA do not have, that will help for you to continually make money through the Summer. OddsMonkey, I feel, allows experienced matched betters to really ‘spread their wings’ in terms of what they can do to make money through matched betting, for which PA simply do not offer. Such features will be explained below.

Betfair and Smarkets (01/08/18) Integration

OddsMonkey have recently introduced a new feature called Betfair and Smarkets integration – this enables users to link their Betfair and Smarkets account directly in OddsMonkey, to enable one-click laying of matched straight from the Oddsmatching sofware.
After testing this, it works 100% in laying the correct amount as the oddsmatching software states for both Betfair and Smarkets.
There are some great benefits to this integration of Betfair and Smarkets, outlined below:
  • It saves a lot of time – you do not have to worry about loading up the Betfair exchange market, finding the correct bet to place and entering the correct amount. There have been a few times I’ve matched the wrong amount unintentionally, so will prevent errors from occuring too.
  • Odds are more accurate – because of the time between finding the match and laying is significantly reduced, the change in odds at the exchange is significantly reduced too.
Below is what the Betfair integration looks like in OddsMonkey, with the buttons to Befair being one-click lays to the correct markets within OddsMonkey:
Betfair Integration (yellow buttons) in OddsMonkey
This, for me, is a complete deal breaker – it gets rid of potentially errors when laying, makes life simpler and quicker too. 1 (01/08/18) It sets OddsMonkey apart from PA since they offer Smarkets integration, which the majority of matched betters prefer for laying than Betfair (since the odds are generally better with a lower 2% commission as opposed to 5%). What is good about OddsMonkey is that they have teamed up with Smarkets to offer 0% commission for the foreseeable future, which is something that makes it very appealing (basically a 2% saving back into your pocket for every lay).
Update 13/09/2017: OddsMonkey have just released information that they have actually paired up with Betfair to exclusively offer OddsMonkeymembers 2% comission on Betfair exchange. Again, this is another ground breaking feature exclusive to OddsMonkey which will save matched betters a lot of money: around £10-20/month based on £800 worth of bets at odds of roughly 3.0 and £40-50 with Smarkets being at 0%.
OddsMonkey Members exclusively get 2% commission when using Betfair integration

Commission Offers (20/08/2019)

I have noticed that OddsMonkey, over the past few years, like to have partnerships with the main exchange markets: Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbooks. With this, you’ll tend to find that they manage to get many offers for OddsMonkey members, such as a reduced commission on all lay bets, or even 0% commission). When you are laying thousands of pounds a month, this can add up to tens of pounds, even hundreds, saved per month.

The Features

There are many features OddsMonkey has which PA does not such as The Each Way Matcher, The Tennis Matcher, Extra Place Matcher and a better odds matching software. I will go into detail the features they have and compare them to PA at the bottom of the article in a table.
A great example of a feature is in the Oddsmatcher software. Once the user has found a matched bet with a bookie and exchange, they can click on the logos of the bookie and exchange. From doing so:

  • The bet will be added to a bet slip in the bookie using a safe URL (so it cannot be tracked from where it originated), so that all you have to do is login, specify a stake and bet.
  • The exchange will open from a safe URL to the correct page to lay the bet.
This makes placing bets very very convenient and quick.
As well as this, I have already described the SNR rating that OddsMonkey have in their odds matching software, which will both save you time and make you a few extra quid here and there.Just like I did with PA’s odds matcher, I performed the same test with OddsMonkey’s odds matching software, with the same bookmakers. The results from the test are illustrated below:

OddsMonkey Oddsmatching Test Results

BookmakerMarketOddsMonkey Displayed Back OddsActual Back OddsOddsMonkey Displayed Lay OddsActual Lay Odds✓ or X for Back / Lay
UnibetFootball2.852.852.842.84✓ / ✓
Mr GreenHorse Racing3.50Linked to a landing page - did not have time to find bet manually3.353.35 and automatically layed within OddsMonkey with Betfair integrationN/A / ✓
SunBetsFootball2.37Linked to homepage - did not have time to find bet manually2.402.40N/A / ✓
SkyBetHorse Racing6.006.00 and automatically added to betslip6.806.80✓ / ✓
Paddy PowerHorse Racing5.005.00 and automatically added to betslip5.505.50✓ / ✓
William HillRugby1.621.61 and automatically added to betslip1.671.67 and automatically layed within OddsMonkey with Betfair integrationX / ✓
bet365Football3.903.90 and automatically added to betslip4.004.00N/A / ✓
GentingHorse Racing6.006.006.406.40 and automatically layed within OddsMonkey with Betfair integration✓ / ✓
BetfredFootball2.882.88 and automatically added to betslip3.053.05 and automatically layed within OddsMonkey with Betfair integration✓ / ✓
888SportCricket4.25Linked to homepage - did not have time to find bet manually4.404.40 and automatically layed within OddsMonkey with Betfair integrationN/A / ✓
Stan JamesHorse Racing6.006.00 and automatically added to betslip7.006.80✓ / X
Not all of the bookmakers have the ability to automatically add the bet to the bookmaker site’s betslip, with some going to the homepage or landing page instead. However, exlcuding the N/A, nearly all of the bet’s odds on OddsMonkey’s odds matching software correlated to what was on the bookie/exchat, with a success rate of 89% – 5% more than Profit Accumulator.
However, with this test, like I have said, it needs to come with a serious pinch of salt. From doing this test, I came out with the following small conclusions:
  • The time to load PA’s software as opposed to OddsMonkey, when refreshing and choosing bookmaker’s to filter, was quicker.
  • On the whole, I like the look of PA’s software more – it is more minimalistic than OddsMonkey.
  • OddsMonkey did, on the whole, made it easier to place the bets by adding the bets to bookmaker’s betslips.
  • OddsMonkey had more useful features in their software, with more calculators, such as a ‘Risk Free Equal Profits’ calculator as well as an advanced calculator to over/underlay if you wanted to do so, as well as the ability to disable bookmakers in the software/site as a whole and alerts for good matches.

Lots of Features/Software

Even when compared to PA’s existing features such as their Oddsmatching tool, Match Catcher for horse racing and Acca catcher, OddsMonkey still beats them as their tools are much easier to use and have next to none in bugs/glitches (PA have erradicted bugs and glitches from their current software) have more features implemented into them. An example of one of the features Oddsmonkey have which PA do not is the Each Way Matcher, which enables anyone to make some serious money from placing each way bets on horse racing. I have found that the best day to utilise this is on a Saturday morning, where I have, on average, made over £100 for an hour’s work! It really is amazing. Below is an example of literally where it was possible to make some serious money (and to prove I’m not lying)! What is attractive about this is the fact it does not require any free bets or offers because you are simply just betting each way on a horse. Therefore, you can take advantage of bookies which have banned you from taking part in promotions too. This is one of the examples I referred to above, where OddsMonkey have features and software which allows users to make money through matched betting even if they are gubbed (banned) from bonuses from bookmakers.

OddMonkey’s Each Way Matcher illustrating the possibility to make hundreds of pounds from a few each way horse racing bets

Another example would be the dutch search (Update 12/07/1 – PA now also has a dutch search. For this reason, the following benefits to dutching applies to both OddsMonkey and PA), which I have found to be great in using existing money that is already in bookmaker accounts. You don’t really want to withdraw from mutliple bookmakers since withdrawing seems to increase the risk of being gubbed. Therefore, if you can ‘push’ three 2-3 bookmaker’s cash balance into one bookmaker’s, while making a bit of cash on the side, it is a win-win situation. Once I have all the money into one bookmaker, I would then look to place good rating bets, that a typical punter would make (such as Champions League final etc.) using the Odds matcher and hopefully have the exchange win.

For example, if I had money in Bet Victor and Sporting Bet, I could place a dutch bet and make £3.90 from every accumulative £100 bet in the two bookmakers (since it has a rating of 103.9). But, also, from doing this, I will be getting rid of money from one bookmaker and having it go all into the other bookmaker – which one the money goes into of course depends on the bet outcome.

Update 12/07/2017: OddsMonkey recently introduced another new feature, called the ‘Extra Place matcher’. This is a matcher which takes advantage of the bookmakers which offer an extra place on horse racing. Typically, an extra place bet will cash out if the horse comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd. However, if the bookmaker is offering an extra place, they will also cash out when the horse finishes 4th. From this, since the exchange is still relating to each way at 1st, 2nd and 3rd, if the horse does finish 4th, both the bookmaker bet and the exchange bet wins, resulting in potentialy a big profit.

Here is what it looks like. If we took the top bet, we can see that if we bet £10 each way on this horse, there will be a qualifying lost of £1.87. However, if the horse finishes 4th, we would make a profit of £10.89 – if you can extra place on multiple horses in one race, the chances of a 4th place pay out will, of course, increase.

Again, with all of OddsMonkey’s software, clicking onto the logo of the bookmaker’s would send the user to the specific webpage to place the bet, if it is not in the betslip already.

This a relatively new piece of software from OddsMonkey, which will be particularly useful, along with the Each Way Matcher, at times of the year such as the Grand National, Ascot and Cheltenham.

I think one area this could improve would be through including an Estimated Value column – this would signifiy how likely the horse is to come 4th and provide an estimated value if you were to place this type of bet lots of time, what would be the value you would profit from (hint hint OddsMonkey…).

Update 27/09/2017: OddsMonkey have just released a profit tracker which allows users  to track the profit they make through OddsMonkey. It is completely integrated with OddsMonkey, holding the same features as PA’s Profit Tracker. Although I am one of those matched betters that use Excel spreadsheets, I can see the Profit Tracker being useful to those that like to keep their matched betting all in one place and, potentially, save time tracking bets.

OddsMonkey Cons

Forum not as large a community

The community is not as large on OddsMonkey as it is on PA. However, as time passes, this will increase. It only makes a big difference if you are likely to use the forum. (for which I don’t – only if I wanted to see what everyone else was saying about a certain offer).
Update 20/11/2017: As of November 2016, OddsMonkey  has helped 30,000+ matched betters. Therefore, this number has definitely increased to something that will make the forum much more usable.
Update 12/07/2017: From talking to OddsMonkey, they were not willing to provide the exact number of members they have because:

OddsMonkey: We have always felt that some other sites often over-inflate their member levels with no way for customers to ever validate those numbers. We also feel that releasing high membership numbers can also have a negative effect on general customer morale where they start simply multiplying our membership numbers x £15 and assume that we’re making millions while ignoring the considerable costs involved in running the company and the awesome team that we’ve invested to build in order to provide the levels of service we offer.

However, what OddsMonkey did provide was a graph of the forum activity:

What this makes clear is that the forum activity ever since OddsMonkey released the complete matched betting package on their website, has been increasing at quite a rate. If we were to extrapolate this graph, then it is clear that the future is bright for OddsMonkey in terms of the number of people participating inside the forum.
What is also very interesting is the below comment from OddsMonkey, regarding their forum activity:

OddsMonkey: Another fact you may find interesting, is that we actually use the same hosted forum software as some of our competitors (as it’s one of the leading providers of forum software) and earlier in the year our forum usage had grown to such a level that we were forced to move onto their Enterprise plan to cope with the increase in traffic, we were informed that at the time, no other matched betting service in the UK was currently on this plan.

This suggests that OddsMonkey has a larger forum, in terms of members and activity, than Profit Accumulator.

Daily Offer Calendar

The Daily Offer Calendar, which contains all of the reload offers, is nowhere near as nice to use as the Reloads section on PA. The instructions are not as detailed and the lack of bet company logos makes it more difficult to sift through the offers if wanted to based on scan reading the logos.
[Update 15th November 2016]: OddsMonkey have introduced a ‘Current Offers’ area which contains exactly the same reload offers as the Daily Offer Calander but in a much nicer and user friendly layout.

A screenshot of the Current Offers Layout for Reload Offers

Update 12/07/2017: There is a feature in the Oddsmatching software of OddsMonkey which allows the user to disable certain bookmakers from appearing anywhere on the website. This is extremely useful since it removes any completely gubbed bookmakers from appearing on the website, allowing for you to save time going through offers you are not applicable to or seeing the bookmaker on software for which you know you cannot bet with.

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey

[Update 12th September 2016] – Since creating this article back on 6th June 2016, both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey have released their own accumulator matchers which have the functionality to enable people to bet and lay on accumulators to take advantage of the numerous offers bookies hand out, such as a free bet if one/two/three legs lose etc.

Profit Accumulator’s version is called Acca catcher and lets you choose the bookie to do offer with and automatically chooses the best eligible bets for the accumulator. What I like about this software is the fact there is a ‘Refund lock in’ choice which will let you profit no matter what the outcome of the accumulator is, which is pretty amazing.

Oddsmonkey’s one is called Acca matcher and has the same functionality. However, instead of a ‘Refund lock in’ to gunratee a profit, it has a ‘Expected value’ which gives you the value of the Accumulator based the probability of the results happening and how much you would profit from each probability. Not risk free, but in the long run, will make a lot of money.
Oddsmonkey’s Acca macther has some more functionality with PA’s does not, which allows you to either do an Accumuatlor without laying, lay all at the start or lay sequentially. Each will give you a profit in the expected value so that, in the long run, you will make money.

Update 11/10/2016 – OddsMonkey have now released a ‘Lock In Profit’ choice so they have the same functionality as Profit Accumulator as well as the extra option of Accumulator ‘No Lay’.

Both accumulator software have the same functionality. However, if money was not a choice between them (and it is the biggest factor differing them), I would preferably use Profit Accumulator’s as it is a bit nicer visually.

Update 11/10/2016 After using both accumulators, I found that PA’s Acca Catcher never had the most up to date odds, which meant I had to constantly re-edit the odds from the Acca Catcher from the bookie website. On the other hand, OddsMonkey oddsmatching software, on the whole, displays odds that are respective of what is on the bookmaker. Therefore, I never had to do this and, with the fact you can now save accumulators in OddsMonkey and the new Acca Finder (12/07/2017), I would say they are on par with ahead of PA’s accumualtor software or possibly slightly better.

Update 12/07/2017: It seems that OddsMonkey must have read this review since they released new accumlator, with all of the same functionality as the already existing software, called the ‘Acca Finder’, which is a lot more visually pleasing and nicer to use.

Update 20/08/2019: Just like bookmakers who use reload offers to get punters to bet continously, it appears Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey are applying similar marketing trades to re-attract people to maintaining memberships with them. The websites are closer to each other than a few years ago. However, I still prefer OddsMonkey’s features and oddsmatcher over Profit Accumulator. If you are still struggling to decide, it appears that Oddsmonkey have better commission offers for their users, making your exchange bets cheaper on commission – I can easily see people saving £20+ from such commission deals OddsMonkey have with the exchange websites.

SEO Analysis of Matched Betting Websites

Update 12/07/17: A graph without numbers (from OddsMonkey) does show where the traffic is heading for OddsMonkey. However, one of the best ways to see how well websites are doing is by looking at the search engine optimisation (how ‘appealing’ the website is to Google and other search engines). Coincidently, I have spent the past several years as a SEO and PPC specialist helping companies improve both the SEO of their websites and any PPC campaigns they have running. Here’s a quick and simple SEO analysis of both websites, since the SEO can tell you a lot about a website.
The first step would be to look at the general trends of matched betting.
The interest on Google for the search phrase ‘matched betting’
The most noticeable thing from this is that it was only around late 2014-early 2015 that the term started to gain some serious interest on Google. On the whole, I am sure you can agree that matched betting is becoming more popular as time progresses.

SEO Analysis of Profit Accumulator

Alexa ranking of profitaccumulator.co.uk
Although the Alexa site does not go into the most detail, it provides a rough idea as to how the website is shaping up. It is extremely surprising to see that Profit Accumulator is not doing too good at all. The rank is on the decline and does not look to be slowing any time soon.
There are many reasons for why a website would have a drop in rank – one of the main reasons, though, is traffic. The more traffic a website gets, the better its ranking. If Profit Accumulator is still posting new content, new software and more, the only obvious variable that is causing the rank to drop is the traffic, providing evidence that the traffic going to Profit Accumulator is dropping – less people are signing up with Profit Accumulator and more people are leaving the website too, possibly why there are so many inactive accounts.
The numbers on the graph are also very interesting. The ranking of Profit Accumlator was around 34k and is now nearly double that.

Profit Accumulator Cheating Reviews?

Another possibly reason, for which I have done a little research into, is potentially due to bad links from other matched betting websites. This article (Update 16/05/2020: suspiciously the article has gone done now…) suggests that Profit Accumulator bought two websites and changed the reviews of them to favour themselves. Although it does not affect the service that PA offer, it is quite bad that a company would need to buy and go anywhere near a website with a review of them on it. Imagine if BMW bought the rights to an car magazine and every review in the magazine concluded that BMWs are the best cars? Actually, imagine if BMW bought an objective car magazine – that would probably be bad enough to get bad press! I cannot understand how any shareholder in PA could not see it as ‘iffy’ to own a website about matched betting for which has a review on it of their main rival competitor…
Of course, this is my opinion so feel free to come to whatever conclusion you think from this.

SEO Analysis of OddsMonkey

Alexa ranking for oddsmonkey.com
OddsMonkey’s ranking is also very interest too. In terms of global and UK ranking, it beats Profit Accumulator by quite a lot. The history of the ranking seems to be on the increase, with a drop around December 2016, possibly because people do not matched bet as often around Christmas? For one, I always see traffic drops at Christmas so it is no surprise OddsMonkey, and PA for that matter, both drop in ranking at Christmas.

What is interesting, as well, is the ranking of OddsMonkey around a year ago: they were at 100k! This goes to show that the rate at which OddsMonkey is increasing in rank and, potentially, traffic, is very high.

OddsMonkey Copying Profit Accumulator?

As for Profit Accumulator buying and owning websites which coincidently have changed their reviews from good to bad for OddsMonkey, a little research appeared that OddsMonkey have been potentially copying the reload offers that appear on PA’s website. This article highlights that there are five examples of OddsMonkey taking offer content from PA and posting it on their site.

However, I am a little unsure as to what to believe with this one – firstly, it’s coming from matchedbettingcentre.com which shown to have been owned by a shareholder in Profit Accumulator. But, there are two other points to this article:

  1. There are no time stamps on any of the images – Yes, it states it was ‘an hour ago’ or ‘6 minutes ago’ the post was published. However, in reference to what time? If the PA offer was ‘an hour ago’ and the time was 4pm, and the OddsMonkey post was ‘6 minutes ago’ when the time was 3:05pm, then that would make clear that OddsMonkey posted before PA for this made up example. If there were timestamps on the images, I would trust this article more.
  2. The offers are freely available on bookmaker websites. Yes, it does appear how PA and OddsMonkey’s offers are worded similarly, the problem I have is that I am sure there are a team of people scanning every bookmaker at the start of the day and throughout the day for new offers from bookmakers. Therefore, does screenshotting an offer from a bookmaker really count as copying.
Again, this is all my opinion so you can draw to whatever conclusion from this you feel fit.

Table Comparison – Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey

Below is a table which goes through every feature of Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey, where each winner for the software/service in question gets a point (the website with the most points wins).
This table has been updated as of 27/07/2017.
FeatureProfit AccumulatorOddsMonkeyWho's the winner?
Matching Software – to find good matches to bet for and against an event with
a bookie and exchange.
PA has a nicer looking software and contains 46 betting companies and 4
exchanges. The software is quicker than OddsMonkey. However, I have never had
a problem with the odds changing on OddsMonkey software to the betting
companies whereas I have had a few times problems of this with PA’s software.
It was found that the odds displayed by the software would not always
correlate to the odds by the bookie and exchange, resulting in the user
having to manually change the odds (from my test, OddsMonkey correlated 5%
better with odds than PA)
It also
lacks a stake not returned (SNR) column. Saying this, it has a useful feature
in updating odds without the need to constantly refresh the page.
Has a very useful feature – upon finding a match, clicking
on both the betting company and exchange logo images will guide the user to
that bookie with the bet in the betslip and the correct page on the exchange
(this makes it very quick to find a match and bet on it).
From using it, the odds displayed in the software always matches to the odds
on bookmaker’s/exchange’s websites (well, 89% of odds match correctly from
the test, as opposed to PA’s 84%). Has many more embedded features such as
sound alerts, currency change, and a percentage to show the percentage of
stake that would be returned from a free bet (SNR). It contains 100 betting
companies and uses your IP address to show only the bookies from your country
(for the UK, this is 78 bookies) and 4 exchanges (does not contain Ladbrokes
Exchange) (it is possible to override this in the settings of the software) –
54 more overall or 32 more bookies than PA for the UK.
OddsMonkey. PA’s Oddsmatching software
is still relatively young, when compared to OddsMonkey’s which is several
years old, since they had to develop it themselves and was the first company
to develop such a software. The features of Oddsmatcher by
OddsMonkey, such as clicking on the bet company and exchange link to be fed
to the right page for that bet or adding a bet to a bet slip is a great
feature (PA sends the user to the market place so you will still have to
manually find the bets which would take a little more time). The SNR
percentage is also extremely useful for profiting from free bets and the
software contains many more betting
companies than PA. As well as this, the software has more
features, more bookies and, from my quick test, seems a more reliable
solution to matched betting.
betting calculator – to calculate the qualifying loss or profit made
from betting in a bookie and exchange on an event.
PA and
OddsMonkey both have very similar styled calculators with
the same features.
calculator also has the part lay feature for which OddsMonkey has, meaning
the features of both calculators are exactly the same.
PA and
OddsMonkey both have very similar styled calculators with
the same features. Since OddsMonkey made the calculator first, it can be seen
that PA copied the design and features from them. OddsMonkey also has a few
additional features, such as a profit summary to show the profit/loss of both
the bookie and exchange for each potential outcome.
OddsMonkey. PA copied the design from
OddsMonkey who came up with the original match betting calculator style you
will see in PA and OddsMonkey. But, moreover, the OddsMonkey matched betting
calculator has extra features and new releases which will be made free to all
members of OddsMonkey.
round was tight. However, although tedious, another reason why OddsMonkey
wins is in the button to open up the ‘Part lay’ feature, which is a lot
larger and easier to click than PA’s.
racing matcher – to provide matched bets with low qualifying losses to make
the user applicable to potential horse racing refunds (such as free bet if
2nd, beaten by a head or less etc.). Rapidly updates as liquidity of horse
racing is low.
Catcher) A rapidly updating racing matcher for which the web user can
select what races it can update to and use sound alerts when a good match
appears. Adopts same theming as the Oddsmatching software.
Racing Matcher) An updating racing matcher. The page shows the races of
the day and the bookies with offers associated to each of the races. When
clicking on the bookie, the best matches appear, with a description to the
user of what the bookie offer is (such as FB if comes 2nd etc.).
The Racing Matcher also shows the user how much to bet for each offer too.
Upon clicking on links, horse is added to bet slip on bookie website or
pointed to the exchange page to lay the horse.
OddsMonkey. It is an absolute dream
to use The Racing Matcher. If you want to go for horse races just before
the race starts, when liquidity is low and the odds can rapidly change,
then Match Catcher is your best bet since it updates much
quicker than The Racing Matcher. The biggest problem with
the Match Catcher, though, is that it does not tell you what
bookmakers have offers for races of the day and how much to state – you would
have to find this out through the reload section on PA’s website. The
Racing Matcher contains all this information on one page, making it
much quicker to use. For ease of use and time saving and if you don’t
mind slower refresh rates, The Racing Matcher is the one I
would recommend to go for. This is especially useful to do first thing in the
morning such as on a Saturday/Sunday, where you can place all of your
qualifying bets for horse racing refunds quickly and easily.
section – to find all of the new offers bookies are offering continually
offers) An easy-to-read area with all of the latest offers from bookies,
with clear instructions and the ability to remove the offer once completed.
Instructions are clear and the large forum makes it easy to troubleshoot
difficult offers. Each offer has a star rating based on how profitable the
offer is, from 1-5. There is also a ‘Gubbed filter’ to remove bookmakers from
appearing if you cannot gain free bets/offers with them.
Offer Calendar and Current Offers) An area to view
all of the latest offers from bookies, with the ability to remove the offer
once completed. Each offer is highlighted as either a ‘Potential Profit’ or
‘Guaranteed Profit’ with a value of what profit you are guaranteed to make.
As well as this, they categorise the offers into easy, medium and hard so you
can choose what offers appear for what difficulty.
Accumulator. The
reload sections is clearer to view and goes into more depth in each
instruction for an offer. OddsMonkey does the same job. However, the
instructions are enough to do the offer, just a little more ‘generic’.
matcher – to find the best matched bets on tennis to become applicable for
teenis refunds (such as free bet if your player loses the first set but goes
on to win)
No such
feature in Profit Accumulator – you would have to use a filter to only show
tennis matches in the Oddsmatching software.
Tennis Matcher) Adopted the same structure as The
Racing Matcher, it shows the offers available by bookmakers every
day and upon clicking on the bookie, a description of the offer appears with
the stake applicable to the offer and the latest odds in the bookie and
exchange for all of the tennis matches of the day (with the ability to one
click add the bet into a bet slip and view the tennis match in the exchange).
OddsMonkey. They are offering
an additional feature which PA does not at no extra cost to the
membership price.
Tracker – a tool to track matches and your profit on the website
Accumulator has a profit tracker which tracks matches in both the calculator
and oddsmatcher software.
OddsMonkey has a profit tracker which tracks matched both in the calculator and oddsmatching software.Draw. The features of each profit tracker are near on identical, being integrated into each website respectively.
integration – the ability to lay at a click of a button from within the
matched betting service website
Profit Accumulator has Betfair integration, allowing the user to lay bets with the click of a button.OddsMonkey
has Betfair integration, allowing the user to lay bets with a click of a
Draw. I
look at the Betfair integration as a deal-breaker because it is such an incredible feature to have
as a matched better that makes so much easier. OddsMonkey had it first. But, since PA now have it as well, this can only be a draw
Smarkets integration - the ability to lay at the click from a button within the matched betting service websiteProfit Accumulator currently does not have any Smarkets integration.OddsMonkey has Smarkets integration, allowing the user to lay bets with a click of a button. They have also teamed up with Smarkets to reduce the comission of lay bets to 0% for OddsMonkey users.OddsMonkey. The majority of matched betters will like and use Smarkets more than Betfair. The integration of Smarkets, with 0% commission, is ground breaking for matched betters, saving them time with laying and a lot of money with the reduced commission.
search – inside of backing an event and laying it in an exchange, a dutch
search backs all possible outcomes with different bookies, so an exchange is
not needed – good for arbing.
Profit Accumulator has a dutch search, which allows the user to find bookies
to bet for all the possible outcomes and make money from doing so. A
great tool for arbing that can make £100s/month.
Search) This feature finds bookies to bet for all the possible outcomes
so that instead of backing and laying (say a win-draw-win), you back a win,
back a draw and back a win with three different bookies all at different
stakes, calculated by the Dutch Search. A great tool for arbing that can make
OddsMonkey. This tools from both websites
are extremely useful as it does not rely on an exchange and
can be used on gubbed accounts without promotion. The features of each are
very similar. Dutching from PA is in the beta stage of
development, but available to users. OddsMonkey’s dutch search, however, has
more bookmakers in the search tool and also links the user to the bookmaker,
with the bet in the betslip already, for which PA does not do with any of
their software.
Each way matcher - the ability to profit from betting for and against each way horse racing. No such
feature in Profit Accumulator. However, PA do have a Each Way calculator.
However, to find a match that will make you money will need to be done
Each Way Matcher) Automatically updates with bookie and exchange odds to
find matches so that you bet each way on a horse in the bookie, lay off in
the exchange and make a guaranteed profit. A very very useful
tool that can make £100s/month on even gubbed accounts.
OddsMonkey. Another clear winner. What
sets this unique tool apart is the fact you can bet each way on horse racing
on ungubbed and gubbed accounts. Since each way is calculated by fractions in
the bookies and by probability in the exchange, it is often very easy to make
at least a 5-10% profit on any stake amount multiple times a day.
Accumulator created spreadsheets to help users such as with making a
guaranteed profit on bet365 horse racing offers and accumulators. In total, PA has 10 calculators.
has an EV (Estimated Value) calculator to calculate how profitable casino
offers can be, an Each Way calculator and an Each Way Reverse calculator.
They also have spreadsheets for accumulators too. In total, OddsMonkey has 6
calculators and 13 spreadsheets.
Accumulator. The
casino EV calculator is particularly useful by OddsMonkey. PA has more
specific calculators than OddsMonkey, although I am unsure how much a matched
better would use them (subjectively speaking because I have not used them).
Since PA has more calculators, they take this round.
ForumPA has
a forum.
has a forum.
Although Sam Stoffel stated that there are over 12,000 active forum members,
the number of views OddsMonkey have been receiving for their forum has been
on the rise ever since they released the OddsMonkey ‘complete package’
website. Saying this, it is down to
preference and interaction in the forum that counts, hence a draw.
section) PA has a range of articles to help rookies with understanding
matched betting, accompanied by videos.
OddsMonkey has a dedicated area of articles to help rookie and the more
experienced matched betters with their software, accompanied by videos.
OddsMonkey. Since OddsMonkey has more
features, the training material is far larger than PA (such as training
material for the extra software OddsMonkey has that PA do not).
SupportPA is
contactable by email and reply very quickly. As well as this, PA now offer
chat support via phone, which is a great addition to their support package.
is contactable by raising a support ticket and they reply very quickly. They
also 1-2-1 training sessions with screen sharing, which is an extremely useful
form of support for both inexperienced and experienced matched betters.
Draw. In terms of getting an
answer, both are very good. With this round, it depends what you think will
be most useful – talking to someone on the end of the phone or screen-sharing
with someone from your computer? For the new matched better, potentially training
sessions with screen sharing will be more useful. For the experienced matched
better, it might be more useful to talk to someone every now and then for
concerns you have. If not, both have email support which is very quick to
Due to the competition OddsMonkey offers, PA could be seen to have
been forced to drop their prices accordingly and offer all of the features
for a one price fee, just like OddsMonkey do. It is likely PA will continue
to do this for the future with each update they bring.
OddsMonkey bring out a new feature, they give it to new and existing users
for free, all for the same price per month.
As well
as this, OddsMonkey continually brings out new features, almost at a rate of
once per month, to help make you more money through matched betting. From
contacting OddsMonkey, it is apparent that there are some big features coming
to the website which will improve the website further.
OddsMonkey. OddsMonkey current price
plan is the same yearly as PA and cheaper monthly than PA (although PA is cheaper in the long term with the loyalty scheme). Regardless of price, OddsMonkey have brought out more features since this review went live than PA, with PA seemingly playing catch up to the features OddsMonkey has (for example, PA will now be playing catch up to get Betfair integration and 2% commission with Betfair Exchange, for which OddsMonkey exclusively have). For this reason, OddsMonkey take this round for being the matched betting website with the brightest future for the matched better.
for money
PA is
£17.99 a month rolling or £180 a year.
price per month (standard membership yearly at £180/year) = £15/month
price per month (rolling membership) = £19.99/month

After one year:
price per month (standard membership yearly at £125/year) = £10.42/month
price per month (rolling membership) = £14.99/month
is currently £15/month or £180 a year.
It is
impossible to compare OddsMonkey with Profit Accumulator as they offer
everything PA offers, plus more, for a cheaper price PA currently is at
rolling month.
price per month (standard membership yearly at £180/year) = £15/month
price price per month (rolling standard membership including every
feature) = £19.99/month
OddsMonkey. In terms
of value for money, OddsMonkey beats PA, even with PA’s loyalty scheme.
OddsMonkey has more ways of making money through matched betting which
doesn’t just rely on offers, making it the value for money for the long term
matched better. As well as this, the time and potential mistakes saved by Betfair integration is something every matched better will appreciate, considering it will save a typical matched better around £10-£20/month from the exclusive 2% commission, instead of 5%, with Betfair Exchange.
 OddsMonkey wins 10-2 10-2 from this table.


Ultimately, the fact that you have landed onto this article is great news as it shows that you really want to push the boundaries as to how much you can make with matched betting with the assist of a professional matched betting website.

Profit Accumulator is one of the original matched betting websites and have had some bad points associated to them over the past which I have outlined in this article. However, they are still a very good website to use for matched betting.

But, they still do not match up to the high standards that OddsMonkey set for a matched betting website. The ‘business plan’ of OddsMonkey has not changed ever since it’s release a few years back. The pricing plan has stayed the same and very competitively priced. But, more importantly, they have continued to bring out new features to their users at no extra cost and at a rate faster than any other matched betting website. To make clear this point, below are all of the features in matched betting websites with who came out with them first:

  • Oddsmatching software – OddsMonkey 
  • Training material on new customer/reload offers – Profit Accumulator
  • Matched betting calculator – Unknown
  • A Horse racing matcher – OddsMonkey
  • Each way matcher – OddsMonkey
  • Extra place matcher – OddsMonkey
  • Dutching search matcher – OddsMonkey
  • Accumulator matcher – OddsMonkey
  • Betfair Integration – OddsMonkey
    • Betfair 2% commission – OddsMonkey
  • Smarkets Integration – OddsMonkey
    • Smarkets 0% comission – OddsMonkey
  • Customer support for matched betting – Profit Accumulator
  • The first full matched betting website service – Profit Accumulator
  • Tennis matcher – OddsMonkey

With this, what you will find is other matched betting websites, such as Profit Accumulator, look to produce features on their website that OddsMonkey have had up and running already. For this reason, if you want the latest and most features to help you make money through matched betting at and the confidence that you will get all of the newest features first, whilst having the most exchanges integrated with the software with discounted commission, then OddsMonkey is your best bet to go with (if you pardon the pun).



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