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List of the Most Ridiculous College Essay Topics You’ve Ever Heard!


Writing a good essay is vital for any student going to college. First you have to come up with a good topic and then you have to fill in the blanks. It does become a bit daunting for some students to find the perfect balance of facts versus you own view. There has been some students who seemed to struggle just a little more than others and came up with the most ridiculous ideas for their essays.

I do not blame the students for choosing such ridiculous topics, because sometimes it just sounds right in your own head. When I write my essay, I am very careful in selecting a topic that is just right. Who knows, maybe these students gave their topics just as much thought, but there is some doubt. There may be a lot of other topics we did not manage to find, but here are some of the most unbelievable essay topics.

Life is long

I am not sure if this student is excited about life being long or just very tired of living. Perhaps there is something more valid and concrete in the rest of the essay, but the topic is a bit confusing. I am hoping here that what the student means is that life is long and this is positive news. Let’s all just assume that this is what happened, because the flip side sounds a bit depressing.

Law and Order: College Essay Unit

This topic sounds interesting to read, but might not be the best selection. It does appear that the student watches this series and thought “hey, this sounds about right for a college essay”. I mean, we all know that college applications are serious business, but sometimes it is alright to ask for help with an essay.

Effective Multitasking

Now this student has got it all figured out and knows exactly what is required during those college years. I am just not sure if the board would find this a fitting skill to qualify for college entrance. If the student’s grades are excellent, there might be something to it. Only use this topic if you are a top student to display how multitasking has paid off.

I Believe In You

Who does not need a bit of inspiration and motivation from time to time? I know I definitely do. The only thing the student missed here is that there needs to be belief in oneself and I do hope the essay is written in the third person. There are of course places the student could share these motivational skills, but maybe not in a college essay.

Gathered Here Today

Is this the start of a sermon or a speech, because I feel one coming on? I would not suggest using this topic on a PHD essay, but if you can make the rest of it good, you might get away with it. Exactly what are we gathered here today for? Are you just going to talk about yourself or provide some interesting facts about a real topic?

I am already famous

Sure, you might have 1 million views on one of your videos on YouTube and that does stand for being famous, but let’s use the bragging right a bit more subtly. No one likes arrogance and there is a fine line you dare not cross. This student was not going to let the rules of life dictate what is said. Sometimes I think I’m famous when I receive 10 readers on a blog post. To each their own!

 Importance of Proofreading

This does sound a bit like a blog post topic, but who am I to judge. Clearly this student is a perfectionist and is trying to share this information with the College Board. Sure, the members of the board might be professors, but you are never too educated to learn about the importance of proofreading. It could be the difference between good and bad writing.


There is nothing wrong with being adventurous when writing your college essay. You want to stand out from the crowd and make your essay an interesting read. Just be careful to not overstep your boundaries. Ask a few people to read your essay and get their honest opinions. Sometimes, we can get a little biased with our own work, so receiving an outside opinion is perfectly fine. No one wants to be on the most ridiculous topics list, but at least these students made it onto some list. Do not try and be too professional either and write a generic essay that sounds the same as every other student. You want the board to read and love what you wrote. Good luck with your college essay and take a little more time before you decide on that topic.


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