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My Secret To Getting Work Done – Work Stress Time Theory

As a student studying A Levels in England, I find that one of the most important aspects to success is to learn that when you are given work, you have to do it to the best of your ability. I see many friends of mine that choose to leave their work to the very last possible minute. I see this as pointless and for this reason, I have an extremely logical approach to getting work done on deadlines. It’s so good, I believe it will change the way we look at deadlines and work.

I can be considered a very logical person and you will be able to tell this from my new theory on work and deadlines. Before I start, let’s get a few things straight:

  • The work you are going to do has a deadline.
  • The work you are going to do can be done any time from the moment you were given it to the deadline.
  • The work can be done by you!
If the work you have to do coincides with above bullet points, you are entitled to my new theory:
Work Stress Time Theory
The Work Stress Time Theory is very self explanatory. Work, stress and time are very much linked when you are given work to do on a deadline.

For this reason, there are two options you can take when given work with a deadline…
You can wait till the last minute to do the work. However, this doesn’t give you much time to do the work, especially if you make mistakes or misjudge the time taken to do the work (or you need assistance with the work). As well as this, the time before hand (the time between receiving the work and doing it) will cause you stress. Every day, you will have that thought reminding you that you have to do that work. This will cause small amounts of stress to you until you do the work. From this, it is clear that you should never leave any work to do at the last possible moment.
The other option I believe is the key to this theory. Doing the work as soon as possible will eliminate 66% of the negative factors with my theory. You will have done the work. But, there will be no time limit. This means if you get stuck, you can get assistance to help you and you won’t have to stress thinking this work is in for tomorrow. Doing the work sooner rather than later also eliminates that reminding thought at the back of your head removing all stress from the task. You will be able to have a clear relaxed mind after doing the work: something you won’t get from leaving the work to do at the latest possible moment.
In short terms, the Work Stress Time can relate to a simple equation:
  • Doing Work Late = Work + Stress + No Time
  • Doing Work Early = Work + No Stress + Time
Hope this helps!


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