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Personify Your Business in Social Media Through a Brand Voice

You have taken everything into account before finally doing social media marketing. You have  exemplary content and captivating images or GIFs. But most social media marketers fail to be particular about one important thing – your business’ brand voice.
What is a brand voice exactly? It is the linguistic representation of your business. Okay, that sounds too technical. Whenever you write, post, or show something to promote your brand, you try to send a message to your audience. This is usually done through content. Your content is your business’ way to talk to customers and convert your audience into customers.
Now, since your business will be talking, imagine it embodied by a person. This person will be the representation of your business whenever it talks to the audience. The way this person speaks, the tone, and the language “he or she” uses is the brand voice.
Why would you want to have a brand voice? Can’t you just say anything you want about your product? Well, of course, you could. However, developing your brand voice has a number of benefits.
The personification of the business – Think about it, people are more interested in talking to people. They are most likely not to talk to robots. Talking to a company or a business can be intimidating. Personifying your business makes it easier for your audience and customers connect to what you are trying to say.
Word-of-mouth marketing – If your voice is engaging, then your audience will enjoy reading, listening, or interacting with your business. Because they enjoy your content, there is a great probability that they will talk about you with other people. In effect, other people will be aware of your brand too!
Distinction – Developing your business’ brand voice will set you apart from your competitors. Remember, each person is unique, and this belief should trickle down to your brand voice. In effect, having a brand voice can make you recognizable from other similar businesses as yours.
Now that you are convinced to develop a brand voice, what should it entail? Tone, character, purpose, and language should all be embodied in your brand voice. You probably already have a certain style when you post in social media platforms. However, here are some questions to help you refine your brand voice:
Tone – Take this as the tone of voice of a person. Is your tone upbeat or perky? Is it serious and technical? Is your content conversational or informative?
Character – This is the personality that your brand voice exudes. Is the personification of your brand friendly or authoritative? Is it inspiring and warm? Is it sophisticated and professional? Think of adjectives that you would use to describe the personality of your business.
Purpose – Each time you converse with someone, you have a purpose. This should also be radiated in your brand voice. Do you intend to sell? Or do you intend to educate? Would you like your brand voice to be engaging or informative?
Language – Another aspect of the brand voice is the language being used in the content you post on social media. Would you be using slang and colloquialisms? Would it include jargon? Would you be using scientific words? Or will be simple and straightforward with your language?
In developing or refining the brand voice of your business, you should take these aspects into account. Of course, you can mix and match the personalities you have in mind so long as it represents your business. The brand voice should also be consistent all throughout communications within and going out of your business.
Using a consistent brand voice in your social media posts can make your business easily recognizable. This is what your brand is all about in the first place. Now, what personality would your business give off?
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Kelly E Walsh lives in South Carolina. She is a graduate of BS in Computer Science but preferred pursuing her writing career instead. Mostly because she loves telling stories and sharing her knowledge through writing. She is currently writing for essaychip.com on a regular basis and does ghost writing for some companies as well. 


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