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10 Easy Tips for Better Essay Writing

Easy Tips for Better Essay Writing!
Have you been assigned to complete an essay at your school? Is this something that you enjoy, or not? Do you often wish that you did not have to write essays? This is something that is true for many students; however, writing essays is a necessary part of the academic curriculum, even though many students feel this is a challenge for them. However, some students may find the essay writing task easy. For those students who do not find this task easy, they can take steps to learn how to write a good essay. This is definitely not the easiest thing to learn, but it is something that can be rewarding if you do. It is important to keep in mind, though, that writing essays requires going through a structured process. Following a solid essay writing process is the best way to complete a quality essay from start to finish. The structure of essays is basically the same, even though essay subjects differ. If you are willing to follow some steps, you may be able to write a good, quality essay on your own. If not, there is always help available. However, take a look at the essay writing process steps and see how you feel after you have read through what it takes to write a good essay.
Steps for Essay Writing
The structural element of every essay type vary not much. Unless your tutor has some specific requirements, you are free to use the traditional set of structural parts in your essay. Following is a basic step process for writing a good essay:
1. Choose a Topic – The first thing you will need to do is choose a good topic, if not assigned one by your teacher or instructor. To choose a good topic, make sure you understand what type of essay you are to write. For example, if your essay is narrative, then you will be telling a story. If it is a descriptive essay, you will basically be painting a picture with words. If it is an expository essay, you will be presenting lots of facts. If it is a persuasive essay, you will be working hard to convince someone to agree with a certain viewpoint.
2. Conduct Research – The second step is to conduct research of relevant, scholarly sources about your topic. You should use the internet, the library, academic databases, books, articles, journals, etc. This step will take the most of your time, as it is important to be sure to gather enough information and data to be sure your essay will be well-written.
3. Develop an Outline – It is a good idea to make an outline of how the essay will be laid out. This will give you a chance to map out your ideas on paper, and come up with an initial structure for the paper. This may change, however, it is something to start with.
4. Write a Thesis Statement – Because you now have a basic understanding of what your essay will be about and how it will unfold, it is time to write a thesis statement. This statement will let your readers know exactly what your essay is about. The outline should list the main ideas of the essay, as well as any supporting information, according to the topic.
5. Conduct Analysis – This is where you need to study your research and analyse your argument or the purpose of the paper. This needs to be clearly defined and any evidence to support any claims need to be included. This is also where you may find any study limitations, weakness in logic, as well as any strengths that support the topic. You can also complete any brainstorming sessions at this stage.
6. Write the Introduction – The first thing you will write is your introduction. The introduction should be informative and straight to the point. It should grab the reader’s attention and keep it. The introduction serves the purpose of pulling your readers further into your essay and making them what to continue reading past the introduction.
7. Main Body Paragraphs – The main body of your paper is where you will actually give the readers what they need to understand your topic and the purpose of the essay. This section should outline the main ideas and points in the essay, as well as all sub-points, which should be elaborated on. In addition, each paragraph of your essay should have a definite focus and elaborate on a single idea. Each paragraph should also support your thesis statement and the purpose of the paper. Additionally, each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, and any evidence or information to support ideas in a clear way should be included.
8. Write the Conclusion – The conclusion of your essay should be a wrap-up of what the paper is about and the things presented in the paper. This is where you will bring the reader to a sense of closer, while summing up the important points of the paper. At the end of the conclusion, you should include a final perspective.
9. Reference Page – Your essay must be cited throughout with relevant, scholarly sources and a reference page generated to give credit to original creators of content used to write your essay. What is more, it is essential to bear in mind the correct formatting style not to be in a cart with “References” or “Works Cited” pages following your essay.
10. Do a Check – The last thing you want to be sure that you do, after following all of the above steps, is run the spell checker and proofread your essay for clarity and to spot an errors with grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, consistency, flow or formatting. You should also be sure to check your assignment instructions, to be sure you have followed all requirements, such as correct margins, spacing, or writing style. The writing style will be APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, etc., according to what you are assigned.
Are You Up to the Challenge?
True, the essay writing process may sometimes turn into a real disaster. If you procrastinate for too long and almost reach the deadline, the only way out for you will be to catch the time wasted, and spend sleepless nights and restless days trying to compose an essay. Certainly, this is not an easy task to accomplish even for experienced essay-writers and skilful students. You need to be really creative and diligent, carry out a serious search of already existing literature and electronic sources, summarize them and take notes. This would be not a solid problem to complete an essay on such a basis. What is more, consulting with your scientific advisor or professor may be really helpful and stream your writing process into the correct direction.
Do not be afraid of taking the challenge posed by essay writing. You may master the art of essay completing only by constant overcoming of difficulties and by learning multiple new aspects of the process. Do not fear tight deadlines or too sophisticated topics, do not be afraid of mistakes in the essay content or formatting – they are easily corrected. Simply bear the following statement in mind while your write: “You will accept the challenge, no matter how hard it is. You will do the utmost and produce a real masterpiece in the field of academic essay composing. In the course of time you will become an example to follow as your essays will figure in the history of your college”. This is, certainly, a bit too grotesque, but why not choose a motivation like this while you compose an essay.
Sooner or later, when you gain the sufficient experience in the essay writing process, it will seem really pleasant and exciting to you. They say, The master has it”, what is definitely true. You need to master the writing techniques gradually, catching every single detail that helps to make your speech more vivid and preventative. You will learn the differences between various narrative styles and essay types, replenish the stock of your vocabulary and grammar constructions. All of the mentioned aspects will help you to become a real master of essay writing.
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