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Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse Mouthwash Review

With competitors such as Listerine and Colgate, Dentyl had to produce a product that pleased the consumer while cleansing their mouth too. With an intuitive design that has never been seen before in mouthwash, Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse alcohol free mouthwash takes a different spin to mouthwash where the consumer has to shake the bottle to activate the ‘advanced formula’. I admit, I’m no dentist. However, my experience with Dentyl’s mouthwash will give you an insight whether to buy the mouthwash or to go for something else.


Immediately, you will be able to tell that the mouthwash is like no other you have bought. The mouthwash itself somehow splits into two distinct fluids of colour with the my one being bluey purple and bluey green. Coming in the typical bottle though with shiny branding, the Dentyl mouthwash reads on the front ‘Neutralises plaque acids for a lasting deep clean sensation’. We will see about that…
The distinct two colours produced by Dentyl Active
You have to be careful when reading dental packaging details as they are very manipulative. They write in a way to make you expect different things. With Dentyl, they claim the mouthwash (without all the fancy ‘dental’ words):

  • Gets rid of bacteria from your mouth. This bacteria can (that’s not ‘will’ but ‘can’) cause bad breath and gum disease.
  • From lab tests, it kills 99.9% of all mouth bacteria.
  • Gives your breath a ‘long-lasting’ (how long?) breath freshness.
  • It’s alcohol free so it tastes great and doesn’t sting/dry your mouth.

The Mouthwash Results

So the packaging tells you to shake well before use until the mouthwash turns into one colour. Although its a nice touch, it gets boring doing it every day for 10 seconds. Now, when the mouthwash went into my mouth, I was surprised to feel or taste just about nothing. It tasted like a weak mint which is not a good thing. When I have used Listerine and Colgate, I have a much stronger taste in my mouth. Plus, I find the stinginess of some mouthwashes to be quite nice: it makes me realise that it is actually doing something in my mouth and not just sitting there like Dentyl active seems to be doing.
Nevertheless, Dentyl says to ‘See results in the sink!’ and I did. I had brushed and flossed my teeth and was so surprised by how many small bits of food still came out! Not an emergency situation but still something to pay attention to. Dentyl’s mouthwash really does clean the whole mouth. After this, I felt the taste of Dentyl for round about 40 minutes – 1 hour which is quite long considering. However, eating anything in that time will lose you the minty breath of Dentyl.


You can buy the Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse mouthwash for around £3 anywhere in the UK. This is a great price bracket for consumers as for some people, they don’t like the cheapness of Tesco Value etc.. but don’t want to spend as much on the best mouthwashes in excess of £5. £3 hits the spot for many consumers out there which is why many people like myself see it as good value for money.


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