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The Courtship Of Mr Lyon Key Quotes To Remember

Here are some of the key quotes you can use in essays for English Literature A2. The longer (and therefore harder to remember) quotes come with page numbers that is associated with The Bloody Chamber collection. Along in bold, with each quote, is a few themes which can link to the quote. Instead of telling you exactly what each quote means, hopefully, the themes associated with that quote will make it obvious what the quote means. Feel free to skip to the parts most relevant to you.

P43 Top This lovely girl, whose skin possesses that same, inner light so you would have thought she, too, was made all of snow” Setting / AO3 Pastiches.

“When the sky darkened towards evening” – Time / Foreshadowing Magic.

“Beauty” AO3 Vanity / Pastiche.

P54 Bottom “Since you left me, I have been sick. I could not go hunting, I found I had not the stomach to kill the gentle beasts, I could not eat. I am sick and I must die; but I shall die happy because you have come to say goodbye to me.” Love / Juxtaposition / Death.

“she would have gone to the ends of the earth for her father” Family / Determination / Disciplined Daughter.

spilled bolt of bridal satin” Symbol / Purity / Virginity / Lack of Control.

Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificialand “Mr Lyon” Gender Representations / Animal Imagery.

“some magically reciprocal sale” Naivety / Sex.

“white rose” (in winter) Symbol / Love / Magic.

P49 Bottom “He was irradiated, as if with a kind of halo, and she thought of the first great beast of the Apocalypse…” Transition from Child to Women / Religion – Powerful.

“his girl-child, his pet” Objectification / Power.

“lions are more beautiful by far than we are” Beauty.

“a mighty, furious roaring” Power / Animalistic / Danger.

“that bright, sad, pretty place” Setting / Contrasting Description.

“it was no longer a lion in her arms but a man”Gothic / Transformation / Pastiche Reference / Power (Carter writes feminist literature).

“I hope he’ll be safe” Lack of speech marks makes clear Beauty’s lack of a voice.

“Mr and Mrs Lyon walk in the garden” Beauty’s Masculine Submission / Identity / Open Ending.



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