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Beatrice Carbone Character Analysis – A View From the Bridge – English GCSE

Beatrice Carbone is a the wife of Eddie Carbone and lives in New York city. She is married to Eddie, the blood aunt to Catherine and cousins with Marco and Rodolpho. Throughout the play, Beatrice is seen as the only person who is on both sides that is Catherine and Rodolpho’s side and Eddie. She sometimes gets jealous over Catherine and very emotion around Eddie as Eddie is pushing her to her limits.

 First let’s get across the facts about Beatrice Carbone:

  • As I have said, married to Eddie and blood aunt to Catherine as well as cousins to Marco and Rodolpho.
  • She wants Catherine to grow up.
  • She’s a housewife.
  • Supports her family.
  • Loving and caring.
  • Wants the best for everyone.

Now let’s go into the character of Beatrice Carbone a little deeper…

  • She’s suspicious of Eddie and Catherine’s relationship and possibly jealous.
  • Knows Eddie better than Eddie knows himself.
  • Doesn’t want to take sides.
  • Is the victim in this story? Loses husband and niece (to Rodolpho).
  • Stays by Eddie‘s side.
  • The mediator being the only one everyone can talk to.

An important part of the play is when Beatrice has a chat to Catherine about Eddie giving her advice on what she should do Here’s the advice Beatrice gives Catherine (page numbers will be from the book to the right):

  • Stick up for yourself
  • Don’t worry about Eddie’s feelings
  • Be independent P30
  • Grow up P30
  • ‘Be yourself’ P30
  • Catherine and Eddie should let go of each other P31
  • Don’t go into the bathroom whilst he’s shaving in his pants
  • Don’t hug Eddie when he comes in from work
  • Move out
  • Don’t work around in your slip

Here’s the important parts in the play involving Beatrice:

  • Stands up to Eddie, persuades him to let Catherine to have the job as secretary P10-11.
  • When she asks about her sexual relationship with Eddie P24.
  • Warns Catherine that she flirts with Eddie P30.
  • When she realises Eddie called immigration P56.
  • When she stands up to Eddie about how Eddie wants Catherine P62-63.
  • Loves Eddie, Eddie cries out’My B!’ to her P64.

Important quotes:

  • ‘When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie?’ P24
  • ‘(to Catherine) gotta be your own self more’ 
  • ‘(to Catherine) the time came when you said goodbye (to Eddie)’
  • ‘My God, what did you do?’ (to Eddie) P56
  • ‘Don’t call him that’ (to Catherine) P61
  • ‘You want somethin’ else Eddie, and you can never have her!’ P62
  • ‘I love you (Eddie)’ P62

Beatrice is seen as the victim in this tragic hero as she loses everything because of something not her fault. We feel sympathy for her as the audience as there was nothing more she could have done. She was always the ‘middle man (women I mean)’ and was, like Alfieri, powerless and liked him in some way watched it run it’s ‘bloody course’. She loses Eddie and Catherine, the two people that mean most to her. Beatrice is the character most impacted negatively in A View From the Bridge.



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