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The Classical Standard Orchestra

Here is a summary of the classical standard orchestra used in bullet point form just because I don’t want to bore you out!

  • Harpsichord died out because there was not enough volume.
  • The Piano took over. It was called Forte Piano (loud/soft).
  • Clarinets were invented.
  • The Trumpet and French Horn had values.
  • There were Strings: Violins 1 and 2, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.
  • There were the Brass being two Trumpets and two French Horns.
  • The Percussion was still only kettle drums.
  • There was a conductor.

The Symphony was the most popular genre (style of music) for an orchestra:

  • A Symphony has four movements.
  • The first movement has a fast tempo (in Sonata form being Exposition, Development and Recapitulation).
  • The second movement is slow in tempo which contrasts. It is in ternary form (ABA).
  • The third movement has a medium ‘andante’ tempo and is usually a minuet and trio but was later changed to a scherzo (lively: musical joke) and trio.
  • The fourth movement is the finale movement being fast in tempo and in rondo form (ABACA).

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