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5 Websites to listen to Music other than YouTube

YouTube is a great site for video watching and sharing, but many people also use it for enjoying music videos and amateur music compilations and recordings. Indeed, having a YouTube to mp3 converter makes it easy to enjoy music videos and recordings in an audio format when not surfing YouTube. That said, YouTube is not the only option on the web when it comes to listening to music. Here are 5 websites you can choose when you find yourself interested in listening to music for free online but don’t feel like surfing over to YouTube. Many of these sites can also be used with a YouTube to mp3 converter so you can listen wherever you go.

1. Grooveshark

The oddly named Grooveshark is designed to let its users play music whenever they feel like it. There isn’t any kind of monthly or yearly subscription fee involved in Grooveshark; all you need to do is look for what you want to hear and decide when you want to hear it. If you’re in the mood to share, you can even make your own play lists from scratch to share with friends and family. Alternatively, you can share any links you have to your favourite songs through social sharing sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, eMail, or Stumbleupon.

2. Pandora

Pandora is an excellent choice for users who are interested in a YouTube alternative that serves as a radio station instead of as a jukebox. All you need to do is plug in the name of a genre, an artist, a composer, or a song, and Pandora will take care of everything else by making up a custom play list that includes what you selected as well as other things it thinks you will like. If you don’t like something you hear, just rate it thumbs down; if you like what you’re hearing, rate it thumbs up. Easy, right? As with Grooveshark, you can make up your own play lists that can be shared with other people or through a variety of social media sites.

3. Last.fm

Last.fm is pretty popular as far as free music streaming sites go, and is also an excellent choice for people who are interested in the radio station experience over the jukebox experience. An advantage of Last.fm over Pandora, however, is that you can make more custom changes to your listening station by selecting up to 3 tags or artists; this makes it easier to hear just what you’re interested in hearing, and not just what the software thinks you’ll enjoy.

4. Slacker

Slacker is another radio station like option that allows you to listen to your music through genre, song, or artist selections. You can also make your own customisable stations to get in touch with your inner groove.

5. Spotify

Finally, Spotify is an app based music centre. Rather than a genre approach such as that in Pandora or in Last.fm, you can pick any songs you want through Spotify, and there is lots of social integration possible through Facebook and Twitter.

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