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Internal and External Influences of Human Resources Objectives

Internal Influences

Coroporate Objectives

As with all functional objectives, those set by the HR department must assist the organistation in achieving its overall objectives.

The Attitudes and Beliefs of the Senior Managers
If a senior manager consider the workforce  to be valuable asset, they may want a long-term relationship with employees and may set objectives such as developing the skills of the workforce to this fullest extent.

The Type of Product 
If the product requires the committment of highly skilled labour force then objectives such as making full use of the workforce’s potential maybe most important.

External Influences on HR Objectives

The State of the Market
A growing market will have significant impact on the HR objectives pursued by a Business.

Price Elasticity of Demand of the Product
When demand for a product is strongly price elastic (demand is sensitive to price changes) it is more likely that a business will opt for HR objectives that allow it to reduce labour costs.

Coroporate Image
Most businesses will set HR objectives that include maintaining good relations with employees.

Employment Legislation
The UK government and EU authorities have passed a series of laws designed to protect laabour in the work place.


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