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Electromagnetic Spectrum – Different Kinds of Images and Resolutions

Below are examples of different kinds of images along the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared, x-rays, radio waves, ultraviolet, ultrasound and even down to the atomic level, there are examples of all different types of images with estimations of the resolutions worked out as well. If you don’t know how to work out resolution, you can find out here: [How to] Calculate Resolution Of An Image.

1)  This image is an example of infrared imaging from the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength longer than the visible region.

It shows an infrared image of a dog sitting on the floor looking at the infrared camera with a key to the right showing what parts of the image are hottest and coolest.
To measure the resolution, I used the dog’s left front leg which roughly measures 8 pixels wide. This type of dog’s legs would roughly measure 6 cm therefore 6/8 would give the resolution of 7.5mm.
2) This image was made using x-rays which come from the electromagnetic spectrum with shorter wavelengths than the visible region.
It shows an x ray of an adult human left hand showing the dense tissue being bone and less dense tissue being flesh.
To measure resolution, I used the first finger to the right and measured the width at roughly 20 pixels wide. The average width of the human finger is 2cm therefore resolution of this image is 1mm.
3. This image came from the electromagnetic spectrum of radio waves.
It shows a radar image of Hurricane Donna over Jamaica and Cuba.
The resolution which I measured using part of Cuba had a width of 50 pixels and in real life 230km. Therefore, the resolution is 4.6km or 4,600m.

4. This image came from the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
It shows the ultraviolet waves emitted from the sun.
The sun has been measured at 1.4 million km wide (diameter not radius).  From the widest point on the image, the sun measures 140 pixels wide meaning the resolution is 100,000km.
5. This image is made from ultrasound waves.
It shows the ultrasound waves where the bone reflects ultrasound waves back to the receiver changing the reflected ultrasound into a number which turns into a colour pixel on the image.
The head’s height in the image measures 80 pixels wide. This baby is 7 months old which would be near to fully grown therefore the head would be around 12 cm. Therefore, the resolution is 1.5mm.
6. This image is made from fired electrons.
It shows the formation of particles in a solid using a electron microscope.
The resolution is difficult to calculate is the solid shown has not been clarified. Therefore, I will measure using the average atom size (1×10^-10 meters). The width of one atom is 10 pixels therefore resolution is 1×10^-11m.

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