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5 Interesting Facts About the History of Internet Marketing

The history isn’t that old for Internet marketing, but it is far reaching. This started out as a phenomenon and a trend and has quickly grown to how many people handle their business and personal needs.

1. Spending on Internet marketing went from nothing at all in 1994 to $300 million in the US in 1996. You can see when things started to really come about and this is where the changes took place. People had never considered the Internet as a viable place to run through their marketing efforts or to make a sale. This figure is staggering as it shows firsthand what profit came about when people started investing their advertising dollars here.

2. Yahoo was one of the first online firms to earn a profit from Internet marketing and its online advertising dollars spent. Though it had some fall out after the “dot com” bust, Yahoo has persevered as one of the only companies to turn a profit in this realm. They rode the wave and have come out to be a very integral part of how companies handle their online marketing efforts.

3. In 2010 alone, the Internet marketing dollar brought in over $200 billion dollars. This shows just how many companies and consumers alike have started to look to the Internet for their marketing and sales. This takes into account all of the sales from large and small companies alike that come about due to the Internet and the way in which they can use it.

4. Though the Internet was first brought to the public in the early 1990’s, it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that it was considered to be a viable marketing or sales tool. People were barely getting to the point where they were aware and comfortable using the Internet and then the notion of Internet marketing came about. Companies started to jump on the bandwagon as they quickly saw the potential that this brought with it.

5. The bust of the “dot com” businesses in the early 2000 years almost broke up Internet marketing as we knew it. There was great fear for those who had invested in Internet marketing when the whole “dot com” business collapsed in early 2000. This brought about a lot of fear but those who kept with it rode the wave and had great success. There was a lot of uncertainty around this though and it did make people draw back on their advertising dollars spent for awhile.

Internet marketing seemed to come out of nowhere and really drew people in. Companies have learned that this is a great way to earn revenue and to meet customer demand.

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