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What to Do on Twitter for 2 weeks – Tweet Tweet Tweet!

Like I have said on ask will online, I will be off to Florida tomorrow and won’t be blogging for two weeks. So, what should you do on Twitter in the during my absence? Well, there are many things you can do to help increase followers, improve visibility and socialise more. All of which are simple and easy to undergo.

  • Tweet! – Tweeting is the absolute best way to do all that I have said above. Include hash tags, tweet about trends, mention others and just tweet! It the remedy on anything bad on your Twitter account.
  • Follow others – You as a tweeter will need to learn that you are not perfect. There is no perfect tweet or tweeter. But you can learn to become better. The best and easiest way to do this is by following others just like you, see and analyse how they tweet then use the same techniques on your tweets.
  • Socialise – If someone mentions you, mention them back. If someone retweets one of your tweets, thank them for it. These little differences make such as big difference on Twitter. I remembered I retweeted a tweet I liked and the Twitterer mentioned me saying thank you. That alone made my day as I felt as if I, as well as benefiting myself with the tweet, benefited others which I did.
  • Create Lists – Lists are a great way to group people together to make a separate timeline. It will help you group the people you follow and can encourage others to follow your lists.
  • Don’t tweet too much – Tweeting too much is a form of spam and will lose you followers. As well as that, remember what times are the best times to tweet.

I hope the above will keep you going on Twitter for a couple of weeks. Even though I won’t be blogging, I will still be tweeting so make sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to talk to me or see what I’m up to in Florida. Other than that, good luck to all your tweeters and…


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