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What are the Differences Between Biological and Non-Biological Detergents

For our washing, there are two types of wash powder you can buy to take stains out of clothes: bio and no-bio. Biological washing powder contains enzymes which break down the dirt and stains while in the wash. Non-biological detergent doesn’t have any enzymes which is why it’s called ‘non-biological’. The enzymes found in biological detergents are sometimes artificially made to take out very tough stains that are dried onto the fabric. Here are the advantages and disadvantages to bio and non-bio detergents.

Biological Detergent

  • Takes out stains much better.
  • Wash at a lower temperature.


  • Contains enzymes that can be natural or artificial – these enzymes cause irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Enzymes used may take longer to disperse into the environment.

Non-Biological Detergent

  • Doesn’t contain any enzymes therefore doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.
  • Doesn’t take as long to disperse into the environment.


  • Washing is at a much higher temperature (however, the temperature is coming decreasing over time).
  • Doesn’t clean as well as biological.

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