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Autoblogging software – Should you use it on your WordPress or Blogger blog?

Autoblogging is a type of software being used by more people every day. Imagine if you can make a blog without updating it and let it update itself. That’s what autoblogging software is (kinda says it in the name): it updates your blog with the content that you want, to your specific keywords, to your specific needs. It sounds great doesn’t it? Then why doesn’t everyone use autoblogging software?

As a blogger that updates content manually, I had never heard of autoblogging software so decided to look into it. Autoblogging software basically uses content from other sites and posts it on your blog. There are some autoblogging software that removes links, adds pictures to make the content seem more original to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s easy, convenient, and potentially profitable. However, I do wonder is this right?

I see a huge comparison in pirating films and autoblogging. Your stealing content from other websites. How would you feel if you was that blogger who had his content stolen and posted onto another website losing you valuable visitors? I don’t see this as right and it just shows you as a blogger that you can’t produce good content yourself and have to use someone else’s instead.

I may be biased at the moment so I’ll show both sides. Autoblogging seems to be more popular with WordPress blogs as there are many autoblogging software that run as a plug in on WordPress. However, I failed to find one legit autoblogging software for blogger (sorry but if you want to autoblog, go for WordPress). After installing the autoblogging software as a plug in on WordPress, you are all set to go. Be aware though, every autoblogging software is different in the sense that some just update random irrelevant content when others you can tailor the content to your website’s category.

It also appears that most legit autoblogging will cost too, ranging from $5 up to $50. I say ‘legit’ as there are many scams out on the web claiming to autoblog to your website. But, all they do is either scam and nick your money or provide terrible content that don’t live up to the expectation they portray.

My verdict is for any blogger be it a WordPress or Blogger blogger, stay away from autoblogging. They don’t look real and actually useful to your blog. If you want to provide good content to your website that search engines will register as original, blog it yourself!


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