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Recruitment In A Business

When a business comes down to recruitment, there are a number of various different ways they can recruit staff as well as there being other options other than recruiting.

Such of these include:

  • Advertising on Websites, Notice Boards, Newspapers etc.
  • Head Hunters
  • Interviews.
  • Application Forms
  • Trial Run Basis
  • Background Checks
  • Shortlisting

The main reason for recruiting is to:-

  • Gain expertise, news ideas, and experience for the business.
  • To fill a gap in the business.
  • To lessen the workload to produce room for expansion.
  • To create a new role within the business.

There are also different options other than recruitment that you can use as an argument if ever a question about recruitment pops up in the exam:

  • Promote within the business.
  • Make the Job Redundant (which is what many businesses are doing as well as wage-cutting due to Recession).
  • Give the responsibility to someone else in an alternative job.

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