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Leonard Bernstein Biography

Leonard Bernstein (August 25, 1918 – October 14, 1990) started his musical career through studying at Harvard University in 1934 studying Music. At a very young age many people saw his musical talent which saw him to become a conducting assistance of the New York Philharmonic. Later on in 1943, the main conductor was not well and asked Bernstein to fill in. His music was heard worldwide gettin critically acclaimed. People everywhere was talking about his talent because he was able to fill in for the main conductor, Bruno Walter, 24 hours before the show without any preparation for a technically different program of music Bernstein had barely studied. It was the birth of a naturally-talented conductor.

From 1958-1969, Bernstein was the main conductor for the New York Philharmonic. He believed teaching young students music was an important thing to do. Bernstein conducted his orchestra at many prestigious shows on TV which made him a very famous conductor worldwide. Bernstein said that his best memories were when he was conducting his orchestra such as during the CBS television series, Young People’s Concert.

Bernstein didn’t just stop there. He went on to compose music for a symphony orchestra and musical theatre. His first large-scale work for symphony orchestra, Symphony No. 1: Jeremiah (1943), received the New York Music Critics Award. West Side Story, written for the Broadway stage, was later made into an Academy Award-Winning film. He composed the symphonic suite ‘On The Waterfront’ in 1955. Bernstein died five days after his retirement in the musical industry in 1990.


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