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How to Choose a Company Logo?

The logo of a business is a prime element in a company’s branding and marketing efforts. Understanding the vitality of a distinctive corporate logo, you must make a wise selection when choosing between design logo firms. Your company logo will generate much of your business so you must pay attention to minutest details.

To begin, jot down the nature of your business and look at the logos of your competitors to ensure yours is distinct. Also, ensure that the design you choose does not resemble any another brand as it can sternly damage your brand identity. The logo should be able to imprint your business in the minds? of people for longer. In order to do so, make the logo small, yet conceivable. Intricate corporate logos are often misunderstood or fail to convey the right message to the customers in a brief time. Remember, the customer is always interested to find out more about a product that has a well-defined and captivating logo.

Customer color perception makes up a great portion of the logo. Colors, too, should be selected in conjunction with the nature of the business. It would be very lousy if you ran an entertainment company and had your logo in gray and pink. The spontaneity of your business should reflect from the logo?s colors. For example, if you are into IT services, you can select all bright colors and contrast them with any low tones like blue, grays, and pale yellows. Similarly, if you are into printing business, use darker and bolder colors to reflect intensity and somberness of the business.

Create some logos and show them to your business confidants. Compare and even contrast the designs, patterns and colors. When you have completed the logo, show it to some more people and know what image they get. It might be that what you perceive positively seems dull, negative, impartial or incomplete to others. Getting additional opinions come handy here. Most importantly, view the logo in different sizes keeping in view the different marketing strategies you will be using. Even the smallest size that you wish to use must deliver the message in a clear, distinct way without any gaps. Similarly, the largest logo should be appealing and not too gaudy in the eye of the customer.

Moreover, many people wish to have a black and white corporate logo as well. A lot of big-businesses practice this too. Even you can produce a black and white corporate logo to use at suitable places. Just ensure that the logo of your business is an accurate representation of the services or products you provide. This will help you create a positive brand identity and customers will retain your logo for years to come.

Tim has been working as a branding consultant for several years specialising in branded promotional pens and promotional backpacks. When he is not working, Tim loves blogging and spending time with his family.


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