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Footballer’s Win a Lot – English GCSE Short Story Writing

Here is a short story about football that is used as 5% of the English GCSE. The story is located at a local park, in the morning, involving four main characters: Scotty, Charlie, Blacky and Toby.
The exposition, complication, climax and resolution are marked in matching colours. Enjoy reading!

A crisp Sunday morning had approached. A thin mist hovered blanketing the football pitch. A few blackbirds scattered across from a nearby oak tree, perching themselves on the set of swings. Without noticing the icy surface the birds had landed on, they flew off again heading for another tree.
     Scotty always enjoyed being the first to step onto the park. Creating footprints in the thick, virgin frost had always given him a satisfying feeling. An eager football player, it was an ideal day for a good game of football at the park. Crossing from the playground side of the park appeared Charlie, a top class defender and Scotty’s regular play mate. His coat swaying from left to right as he sprinted over, anyone could have noticed how excited he was. There was just one left to wait for: Blacky. Blacky, being the oldest, had the most experience out of the three and could possibly understand the game the best. Sitting under a tree, later to be a goal post, Scotty and Charlie waited for Blacky. Drips of water fell from the tips of leaves, landing on Scotty and Charlie faces.
                Blacky was surprisingly late for his standards. However, after a long wait, he arrived, surprising Scotty and Charlie from behind. The football he brought, had wear marks from overuse, but was still useable. The game could finally begin. All vs. all. At once Blacky dribbled the ball taking it straight past Scotty, but intercepted by Charlie, lost possession. After sniffing for an offside, he knew there was nothing he could complain about and went chasing, more determined than ever for that ball. When Blacky was in this state of mind, the most sensible thing to do was to stay out of his way which was exactly what Scotty did. The ball was punted high into the air. Left, right, up, down, the ball was flying in every direction. And then it happened. The ball launched into the air to eventually land in front of an interloper. Toby, the local bully who had a nature of dominating the park, deflated the ball with one malicious act.
                Cautiously, Blacky and Charlie made their way towards their tormentor. Their eyes, fully locked on and focused onto Toby’s eyes causing an ever increasing tension among the three. Scotty, from a safe distance, knew something was going to happen, just was it to be sooner or later? Two vs. one, Blacky and Charlie had the numbers on him. Toby took a few steps backwards. Maybe he’s retreating? It wasn’t to be. Toby suddenly tensed and fired himself at Blacky. Simultaneously, Blacky had done the same, making both of them collide in mid air, with a tremendous impact. Punching, kicking, swinging, thumping, the fight was getting out of control. In came Charlie and straight back out, limping away in pain.
Panicking, Scotty’s acted instinctively. With adrenaline pumping through his veins, his muscles were put to the test as he sprinted seeking help which he subsequently found. Immediately, he screamed, grabbing the attention he needed to break this fight up. A high pitch whistle perked ears of  both Blacky and Toby freezing them in mid action.
‘Blacky! Get here!’
‘Toby! Come here now!’
Without questioning, the two dogs walked ashamed over to their two disappointed owners, ready to receive a punishment for their behaviour.
 The injured Charlie, reluctant to move, stood to the side of his and Blacky’s owner. Scotty, who was still in the same place as he was before, walked steadily over to the three dogs, all of which were embarrassed sitting next to their owners, ‘no more football for you three anymore’, Scotty said sternly, ‘this isn’t prison rules’. Two blackbirds hovered above fighting the now strong wind looking for a place to rest their wings. The swings in the playground glistened in the sun, catching the bird’s attention. Battling the elements, they departed for the swings, where the two blackbirds cleanly landed. The swings had drops of water on the metal frame, from where the sun had melted the icy surface. From here, the birds laid motionless, out of harms way, which the sun beating on their feathers. After a cold night, they were finally warm.

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