The Art of Guest Blogging and How Blogger Buddies can Benefit You

‘Content is King’ is not a phrase to be taken lightly. The trend of guest blogging has grown by leaps and bounds and according to the experts, posting unique and even extraordinary content on your blog yourself isn’t enough anymore. To increase your viewership and have a bigger following on your social media, then posting blogs on other websites as a guest blogger is a great way to go! Here is why you need to go for guest blogging and become a blogger buddy. At blogger buddies. are invited.
When you are seen as a guest blogger on renowned blogs and websites in your niche, you become established as an expert. This adds credibility to your expertise as someone who has been published on notable blogging platforms, therefore is more credible as compared to one who hasn’t authored any guest posts.
Discover New Opportunities
If done the right way, working as a guest blogger will bring new opportunities your way and you will be able to foster new relationships, increase your clientele, sell more products, and increase traffic! Just make sure to write the best ever guest post and submit it to a high quality blog.
Or if you have a blogger buddy, then post on each other’s blogs as guest bloggers! This way you both will benefit from the partnership.
By becoming a blogger buddy, you can create new relationships and expand your network. It doesn’t say anywhere that you can have only one blogger buddy! By networking with different bloggers and guest writers, you can utilize guest blogging as a tool to widen your network. Guest blogs not only lead to credibility or new opportunities, but it also drives conversation on social media through emails and comments. By responding to your readers you can leave a positive association with them, so the next time they need a service or product, they might just come to you. Additionally, networking can also lead you to find blogger buddies and guest bloggers for your own blog. After all, you need guests to post on your blog too!
Link Building
Last but not the least, link building is the most rewarding benefit of guest blogging. By publishing quality blog posts on renowned and established websites, you will get high quality links directed to your website. As most websites allow authors to submit their social media profile or short bio at the end of the post, it is almost always that the post will drive referral traffic and will result in higher search rankings and better visibility (provided that your post has quality content).
Now people would object to this, but ghost writing is a sure-fire way to do all of the above, and have success guaranteed. You will get high quality content, you will get to post it as a blogger buddy or guest blogger, and reap all these amazing benefits! These are some great perks of investing in a ghost writer, don’t you agree?

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