PPC Challenge: Ad Dynamo vs Adsense

I have always been sceptical whether Google Adsense is actually the best PPC program out there for publishers to monetize their website. The problem is that there will be reviews on the internet recommending  how good or bad a PPC program is: take me with my review on Ad Dynamo. However, there are no real statistics that compare PPC programs alongside each other. This is where my new series, ‘The PPC Challenge’ comes into place. I will implement different PPC adverts onto AskWillOnline.com to see which will make me the most money.

The first contender to go against Adsense (seeing as they are the top dog at the moment) is Ad Dynamo who entered the PPC market back in 2008. I have followed their progression since the start and, to be honest, they say they have grown the fastest out of every PPC program out there…I cannot see this ‘growth’ of there’s because there publisher side has not changed at all in the last few years.

Adsense Stats

To compare statistically Adsense and Ad Dynamo, I will show you what I earned on the 29th January 2013 from Adsense being £1.76:

  • Blogger claimed I had around 1,200 pageviews overall which goes to show how much of my traffic that uses ad blockers (roughly 46% of traffic saw my ads if ad pageviews was 589).
  • I gained a CTR of 1.02% which is quite good I think.
  • I gained 6 clicks worth on average £0.29 each.
  • My page RPM was £2.99.
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Ad Dynamo Stats

Blogger received exactly 900 pageviews on the 30th January 2013 with my adverts gaining 617 ad impressions. This means Ad Dynamo adverts are viewed by 69% of my traffic (although this may be due to external reasons).
  • I gained a CTR of 0.16% which is quite poor.
  • I gained 3 clicks work on average £0.00 each.
  • The RPM is £0.00.
  • Just for the sake of it, I made £0.01.
Now, I hope this makes clear the difference between Ad Dynamo and Adsense. One will make you money. One will not. What annoyed me most about Ad Dynamo is that around 70% of the adverts being displayed by Ad Dynamo adverts are Ad Dynamo themselves trying to advertise themselves! So, I blocked them from my adverts and then I found that all the advertising units were then completely blank (suggesting there are no advertisers). When there are adverts in the units, they have extremely low CPCs of lower than a penny.

What’s your experience with Ad Dynamo and Adsense? Have you ever found it to be a more profitable PPC program than Adsense?

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