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Five Things You Can Get Imprinted On Shopping Bags To Promote Your Business

No matter which products or services you are selling, chances are that you will have to face some tough competition from other businesses selling the same line of products. Running a successful business is all about winning over customers by rising above your competitorsBeing a small business, you need to make the most of all available platforms for promoting your business.

Shopping bags are widely used at all types of retail stores, and this is something that goes home with the customers and stays with them for some time, especially if it is reusable and made of some fine material. All you need to do is to get these bags imprinted with some promotional stuff. Bear in mind that you can’t use the entire space on a shopping bag for marketing purposesor they will throw it away as soon as they reach home. So, you need to be a little creative, and print something that wouldn’t take the entire space, yet it will do the job.

Following are five interesting ideas to choose from …  

QR Code

QR codes are getting more and more popular these days. If you are not already aware, QR code is a black and white pattern which is readable only by a smartphone with QR reading app and of course a camera. Once someone scans a QR code with his/her smartphone, the QR code will initiate the desired action. For example, they will be directed to your website. QR code is an intriguing way to advertise your business, since many people will scan a QR code out of curiosity. The best part is … it doesn’t take much space.

Website URL

As earlier mentioned, QR code is not readable without a smart-phone having a QR scanner. In case you don’t expect your target audience to have a smart phone with a QR reader, you can simply give the URL of your website. Not everybody has a smartphone but almost everybody has access to Internet, and business websites are the most preferred source of information when someone is looking to have a detailed overview of your products or services.

Social Networks Handles

In case, you don’t have a business website as yet, you can create and share your FB page address or twitter handle. Having an active social profile can add credibility to your business, as prospective customers will look at the number of likes as a kind of endorsement from other clients. Not only that, but you can follow up with your customers and keep them in loop with new offers and sales from time to time.    

Contact Details

Some of your customers might encounter some problems while using your product, or they will be having a query regarding the product or your business. So you can share your contact detailsand customer support numbers on the shopping bag, allowing them to get in touch and get their queries answered.

Discount Code

Lastly, you can simply print a discount code that they can use at your online store, or bring it back in their next visit to get some discount. By rewarding them on repeat purchases, you will manage to build a loyal clientele. Even better is to give a time limit, so even if they are not looking to make a purchase anytime soon, they will hand it over to their friends or family members, and you will get a new customer, all thanks to a simple shopping bag.

Bashir is a contributing writer for Stockpkg.com, offering poly bags wholesale at discount prices.


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