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July 2012 – Bad Times – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics

Over summer I expected a loss in traffic seeing that most of the articles on Ask Will Online involve educated topics which is not good when it is the summer holidays. For this reason, I cannot help but not be surprised with the traffic drop. This also means that the earnings have also been at a minimal (which is not good for the charities). Last month made just £4.07 which is pretty much near to nothing. From this, I have made a new rule that if I earn under £10, the minimum I will donate to charity for that month will still be £10. Therefore, Ask Will Online will always donate to charity with £10 being the minimum.

Ask Will Online Stats (from Google Analytics) July 1st – August 1st

Visits – 5,515

This is again a decrease being 4,000 from last month. I will expect another decrease in the month of August but after that, everyone starts going back to school. Therefore, it should start to increase again.
With the bounce rate at 83.70%, it has stayed pretty consistent which is a good thing. It makes clear that the same type of people are visiting the website: not to the same intensity.

Pageviews 7,583 therefore average pages per visit is 1.39

This is a huge decrease of 6,000 views from last month. I threat not because the pages per visit again has stayed near enough constant. The only trouble this month has been that everyone is flying abroad and with the traffic being so low, I think an analysis of the traffic sources is no necessary. 


As I have said, when earnings are below £10, I will donate a minimum of £10 anyway. I will take it in turns which charities I donate to each month. This month, it will be Alzheimer’s Research UK. 


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