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What Happened to the Price of Commodities Over the Last 6 Years?

In the year 2009, during when CPI and RPI was at its lowest, fuel prices dropped as well (crude oil price) by more than three times less from having been at 243 index number to a low 74.

The price drop could possibly have been caused by the recession which was at its worse in 2009. More drivers and motorcyclists would therefore try to stay off the road to save as much money as they can.

Natural disasters caused changes in fuel prices, such as oil spills. The BP spillage in 2012 caused low confidence among customers using BP and increased the price of fuel due to this. As well as this, the amount of countries that produce crude oil has an effect on the prices. Iraq and Iran currently have lots of oil making their oil a lot cheaper to buy than other countries that have less fuel.


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