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Taking Care of your Blog like a Baby – 5 Golden Rules from a Babysitter for Bloggers

Everybody loves to earn, but let’s just say I love to earn a little more than the average Joe out there. Therefore I have been working part time since my teenage years, and throughout those years, I have tried many different jobs from restaurant server to tutoring young kids, and from an office intern to a park employee. In addition to the money I made, each and every job actually bestowed me with a different type of experience and proved to be quite helpful in my future endeavors.

For example my gig as a simple computer operator years ago, actually helped me in the start of my career as an SEO professional, mainly because Google was a new comer back then and I spent most of my time playing with the keywords and mulling over the results it showed. But in this post, I will write about how simple baby sitting or child care jobs have taught me some golden rules that helped me later on as a blogger.


In spite of the fact that children and toddlers are probably the most lovable creatures in the world, at times they can get on your nerves, and one can’t help but start yelling at them. Now, when you are a babysitter, you will not be as comfortable as a parent when yelling at kids, and it has taught me to handle the kids patiently, without losing my temper.

The trait of patience and keeping my cool has helped me a great deal in my blogging career. For example when a blog of mine was hit by a Panda updateor when a couple of blogs weren’t doing that well in the first couple of months, in all these scenarios,…. patience is the key.


It’s true that you’ve got to be patient with your kids, even if they are not doing exceptionally well in studies and the likes, but that doesn’t mean you should just let them be and expect them to get on track, all on their own. You have got to think of better ways than yelling, screaming, using force, to make sure that you are getting the desired results and without exhausting yourself and making the matters worse. Same is the case with blogging. When a blog is not doing well, you shouldn’t get flustered and lose the track, instead you need to persist with the right things and be assured that it will get back on track sooner or later.  

It can be Quite Tiring

Raising kids is not an easy job, especially if you happen to have a kid who is moody, stubborn, or challenging in any ways. Similarly, blogging for money is fast becoming a very taxing job. There are two very fine points to understand. First, you have got to be ready for the stress or demands associated with the blogging, and second even more important point is, you have got to be kind towards yourself, and not keep comparing your blog with others.  

Safety comes first

Being a babysitter, you have to keep the safety of the kids on top of your priority list, and make sure that you are not indulging in a game or activity that will make you compromise on their safety or well being. And you have got to keep the same mind-frame when blogging. Remember that it doesn’t make a difference as long as your blog doesn’t come under an attack, but when it occurs, the consequences are going to be quite bad, so you must invest on your blog’s security.

Not for the Money

There are some jobs, where you need to keep earning as a secondary option, because making it a priority will spoil the fun and the fulfillment that you can get from that job. Both, babysitting and blogging are similar in this regard, and in both of these jobs, you have got to go one step ahead and think beyond earning some bucks to be able to put your best foot forward.

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