How is Kinderscenen 1,3 and 11 Romantic?

It is important to understand why Von Fremden Landern Und Menschen, Hasche-Mann and Furchtenmachen can be considered romantic pieces. Below are reasons why they are romantic.

The Romantic Era had the development of the piano. This the sound was greater and more fuller while soft and sustaining pedals were introduced with is clear in Kinderscenen.

  • The music portray emotions such as Furchtenmachen which is meant to be frightening.
  • The dynamics are more varied ranging from very loud to very soft.
  • Melodies are more chromatic but still mainly diatonic.
  • The changes of key are less related.
  • The rhythms are more complexed using more dotted rhythms.
  • The melodies are mostly melody dominated homophony.

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